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Very very faint lines on 3 clear blue pregnancy tests

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Lauralovely6 Thu 30-Nov-17 11:21:24

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I did 2 clear blue pregnancy tests last night which show a very very faint line. I have done another first thing this morning and again another faint line.

I did a clear blue digital test yesterday after the first pregnancy tests and it says 'not pregnant.' I am due my period today.

My husband and I are so confused if I am pregnant or not. Any advice would be great


LisaSimpsonsbff Thu 30-Nov-17 11:48:59

Try a pink line test (like a First Response) instead - blue ones are much more prone to false evaporation lines. Depending on what that does, you might need to wait another couple of days - digital tests aren't very sensitive so it can take a while to show up. Good luck!

Lauralovely6 Thu 30-Nov-17 11:53:42

Thank you. I might get a First Response test to do tomorrow. I've never had a faint line before on a clear blue then I have testing in the past and been none pregnant, so I'm feeling hopeful I may be pregnant.

Also hoping I don't come in today. Fingers crossed x

CL1982 Thu 30-Nov-17 16:22:33

I'm with the user above - FRER are by far the best tests on the market and will give you a nice clear line now.

Shehz21 Fri 01-Dec-17 01:12:35

Goodluck OP!

pinkie87 Fri 01-Dec-17 10:57:03

Did you do the First response? good luck!

Lauralovely6 Fri 01-Dec-17 14:32:43

Just plucked up the courage to do a First Response and got a faint line but it is much clearer than the clear blue. I wish I could upload a picture but keeps saying error every time I do

LisaSimpsonsbff Fri 01-Dec-17 15:19:20

Congratulations! Thought you'd get a clearer line with a FRER smile

Lauralovely6 Fri 01-Dec-17 15:28:22

Thank you smile
I wish I could upload a picture but the app won't let me for some reason. X

LMX0 Fri 01-Dec-17 15:48:07

@Lauralovely6 congrats!!!

Lauralovely6 Fri 01-Dec-17 15:50:31

@LMX0 thank you. X

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