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Blood flow resistance high - high risk pre-eclampsia or small baby

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HazyDays81 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:24:42

At my 20 week scan I was also offered an internal scan to check cervix length & likely pre-term labour. I was fine for that but they said the resistance to blood flow to the baby was high which means I’m high risk for pre-eclampsia or the baby being small. I’ll have extra scans to monitor growth at 28 & 32 weeks. Just wondered if others have been in this position?

underthewestway Fri 01-Dec-17 01:59:43

I’m sorry you are going through this and bumping in the hope someone who has experienced it will be along to offer some advice.

I am 13 weeks and have screened as high risk for early onset pre-eclampsia before 34 weeks. I am petrified, and didn’t see this coming as I’ve always had low blood pressure but this is my first baby (hopefully) and I’ve just turned 40 and conceived through ivf, which I now know are all risk factors. I’ve been put on low dose aspirin which is supposed to be an effective treatment. I think you might have to start this earlier than you’re along for it to be effective, but maybe worth asking about?

NoRagrets Fri 01-Dec-17 03:15:38

Oh I'm sorry you both are going through this, I know how scary it is- I had the same high risk. I want you to know its northing you have done to cause this, its just one of those things sad I do think its a good thing you are aware of the risks so can be followed more closely and take action if needed- also it is still just a risk, you may not develop pre-eclampsia.

I will start by saying my son arrived perfectly healthy but quite small and he is doing great at 4 months- sorry its a long read
My risk was found at my 12 week scan and I was advised to take aspirin daily. All was going well at 20 weeks however blood resistance was still high so I had monthly growth scans to keep an eye on the baby. He was always small I think in the 30th percentile was his largest measurement and that dropped to the 16th around the 28 weeks mark.

At 32 weeks I was at work and suddenly my vision went funny, I couldn't read the paper I was working on and was seeing black spots. Luckily I work in a hospital and popped round to get my blood pressure checked and it was quite high 155/95 so my colleague helped me to the maternity ward. My blood pressure settled and the baby was doing fine so I wasn't admitted but I had a shocking headache that night. I went to the ob the following day and again my blood pressure was high so I was signed off work, given methyldopa, blood tests, urine tests and further ultrasound slips. I had to have a bp check and urine check twice weekly with the midwife and my blood pressure never settled so I was put on labetalol as well. The medications and high bp made me feel like crap and I was so worried about the baby!

My blood tests were all fine and my urine was free from protein it was just my uncontrolled blood pressure so it was never classed as pre-eclampsia.
At my 36 week ultrasound my baby was on the 3rd percentile and the obstetrician decided he was safer out than in, I had already scheduled a c-section for full term but that was brought up to 36 weeks and 7 days. I had steroid injections to strengthen the baby lungs and was told to prepare for a very small baby who would most likely be spending a couple of weeks in the special care nursery.

Luckily he came out bigger than expected 5 pounds 8 oz and a healthy pair of lungs. He only needed to spend a couple of hours in the nursery due to low blood sugar and this had to be monitored until his level was normal.

We did have trouble with breastfeeding because his mouth was so small he just couldn't physically latch on but as he grew he got the hang of it and is now a champ!

At 4 months he is tracking on the 5th percentile and seems tiny compared to some babies but he is developing normally.
My recovery was fine overall however my blood pressure did spike around day 4 postpartum and I had to slowly wean off the medications over 3 weeks.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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