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New job whilst pregnant

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mustbemad17 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:20:59

Has anyone been in the situation of applying for new jobs whilst pregnant? I handed my notice in at the end of October due to clash with management - attempted to pursue constructive dismissal. Now my OH has buggared off, leaving us with nothing; I signed on with JSA today (so disheartening). I've had a few calls already but my worry is that I'm either going to get caught out straight away or I'm going to end up causing chaos when at 25 weeks I have to inform them i'm pregnant 😬
Guess i'm looking for reassurance this isn't going to bite me on the ass

Smiler88 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:39:18

Hi mustbemad17,

You have every right to get a new job - pregnant or not. In fact discriminating against you because you're pregnant is illegal. Don't feel guilty - society would expect a man to go for a promotion or new role to boost his salary if he has a baby on the way so regardless you should too! Also women fall pregnant all the time so it's unlikely you'd cause 'chaos' - HR will be used to dealing with it. However, you do need to be aware that the way the law stands legally companies won't need to provide you with maternity pay - although you should qualify for maternity allowance which I think is £140 per week as you will have paid national insurance at your previous job.

Some companies will pay maternity benefits regardless of the amount of time you have worked there - I think Barclays is one and some other larger companies. So it's worth keeping in mind if you have a choice of jobs that it might be a good idea to go for a larger company rather than a smaller ones as you may qualify for some company benefits and it'll be easier for them to absorb the impact of your maternity leave. But openly criticising you would be Illegal anyway whichever way you choose!

Best of luck with the job hunt - and remember you have as much right to a job as anyone else! No one knows when they will fall pregnant (even if they're trying) and women shouldn't be held back from career advancement or financial stability because of it! Xx

mustbemad17 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:44:34

Thank you Smiler very much 🙂 I think because i'm in care with smaller companies i feel selfish somehow.
Thankfully i have built up my maternity allowance regardless of this; the lady on the phone sounded really keen so i'm hoping that if they do take me on they see me as an asset.

Lifeofpies Wed 29-Nov-17 19:26:23

Hi mustbemad, sounds like you’ve had a tough time. I have taken voluntary redundancy and am unemployed from the start of Feb when I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant (all being well). I’m keen to get something ASAP as my redundancy is needed to help cover mat leave—don’t think I’ll be entitled to SMP or anything. Have lots of anxiety about starting a new job while pregnant, feeling distracted and not at the top of my game etc. I am looking at big organisations though,and don’t feel particularly guilty as they should get years of good service from me after mat leave!

How pregnant are you? I hope you have an easy time of it job hunting. Be nice to keep in touch and see how things are going!

Lifeofpies Wed 29-Nov-17 19:27:21

Lovely message and fab advice, smiler

mustbemad17 Wed 29-Nov-17 19:43:43

Thank you Life appreciate your message 🙂 I'm 13 weeks roughly, have our first scan on Monday (eeek). The thing is i'm showing a bit 😱 Which is freaking me out. I think once I can find something, even just part time, I will feel a lot more relaxed about how everything is turning out. I currently feel like everything is out of my control.

If I get a job I will shout it from the rooftops haha xx

Smiler88 Wed 29-Nov-17 19:46:40

Hi mustbemad and lifeofpies - just to clarify maternity allowance is proved by the government when you don't qualify for SMP (which you won't if you start a new job whilst pregnant) but have paid national insurance in the past. It's worth knowing about! Here's the link

Bets of luck to you both

Smiler88 Wed 29-Nov-17 19:47:17


Knitonepearl Wed 29-Nov-17 19:55:22

Hello! So glad of this thread, thank you! I'm also job hunting and pregnant (10 weeks)
Smiler, your post made me quite emotional, I don't think I realised how hard I'm being on myself feeling like I shouldn't be applying for permanent positions or somehow dont deserve a job.
OP, you are right, you could be a huge asset to any company, both now and when you return after mat. leave.
Good luck with your job hunt, I did a big application today so fingers crossed!

Lifeofpies Wed 29-Nov-17 20:03:37

Thank you smiler - just did the maternity allowance calculator and looks like I should be entitled to it, which I wasn’t expecting. That will make a huge difference.

Hi knitonepearl - don’t undersell yourself! You deserve a permanent post as much as the next person. I’m doing a big app at the moment too, was up til 12 last night working on it... how are you finding it all? Not easy when feeling so tired!

mustbemad17 Wed 29-Nov-17 20:13:31

Kniton i'm really glad it's helped 🙂 I got so used to being self sufficient when I was working, then to have to depend on my (now ex) OH was a massive self confidence blow. The lady at the jobcentre told me I was 'fiery' because I went in there like 'okay, what we gotta do, sign me up for stuff' which i took as a compliment 🙂

Sending lots of positive, successful vibes here!!! XxX

mustbemad17 Wed 29-Nov-17 20:16:49

Lifeof that's the one thing i'm (touch wood) over is the tiredness. Still get the urge to vom at random times tho, which could be entertaining 🤔🤔

clarebear1983 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:01:06

I work as a contractor so slightly different but just to give you some hope...I started a new contract at 6 weeks pregnant. Then another at 21 weeks and have just taken on a couple of weeks of work that'll start when I'm 35 weeks!

My only piece of advice would be to not tell anyone at your interview that you are pregnant and if you can help it don't wear clothes that make it too obvious. Tell them when you are offered the job, they will usually ask if you need any special allowances made for health conditions etc. as standard.

No ones been annoyed at me for handling my pregnancy/work in this way, my current manager is mildly annoyed but only because they'd like to extend my contract and keep me! Don't let being pregnant put you off applying for anything.

mustbemad17 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:07:55

Thank you Clare 🙂 Fingers crossed any employer I speak to is as decent x

mustbemad17 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:49:15

I have my first job interview next week 😃

Lifeofpies Thu 30-Nov-17 14:06:56

Thanks Clare, that’s great advice.

Good luck mustbemad! I hope you’re feeling positive, and you’ve got something to wear?

Knitonepearl Thu 30-Nov-17 14:55:27

Nice one mustbe! Best of luck!
I'm still getting pretty tired so doing applications in the morning as I seem to be pretty much ready for sleep as soon as it gets dark, so at about 4pm!!
Thanks for all positivity and advice it's helping!
I had an enquiry about a job next year (I previously worked freelance) so I have expressed an interest in that too as it's a short contract.
I've also finally swallowed my pride (I know I'm silly) and applied for job seekers allowance.
The idea of being a burden to my OH and lose independence is difficult but I can only do my best to get work.
Fingers crossed for your interview x

mustbemad17 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:30:59

Knitone i know the feeling re signing on, i honestly wanted to cry when i was sat waiting for my assessment interview 😔 I think had I had a horrid advisor it may have ended badly; I might have bitten someone 😂😂

Thanks all, fingers crossed ☺️ Lifeof feeling nervous & nope absolutely not a clue what i'm going to wear except that it must resemble a tent 😂😂

flimflaminurjams Thu 30-Nov-17 16:25:49

Depends if you can conceal it. I was obv pregnant from about 4 mths (no hiding that whopper lol) and it was a reason I was turned down for jobs time and again (only 7 yrs ago). They would not employ someone who will be in work for a few months and then off for months on end.

mustbemad17 Thu 30-Nov-17 16:48:12

Flimflam that's always my worry. I'm showing a bit but not massively so can get away with just looking podgy...until they tell me i have to wear a uniform 😂

Bellamuerte Fri 01-Dec-17 09:34:52

I was sacked as soon as my employer found out I was pregnant. Although technically they just conveniently "decided not to renew" my rolling contract. I became visibly pregnant quite early on and no other employer would touch me. Can't claim any government maternity allowance either, as OH earns too much for me to be eligible for benefits. Sorry not much help - but you're not alone in worrying about unemployment. I can only recommend hiding your pregnancy for as long as possible, because employers WILL discriminate.

mustbemad17 Fri 01-Dec-17 09:48:52

OMG that's awful!! That's the thing, they aren't legally allowed to discriminate but they can come up with all sorts of reasons not to employ you 😔 Really sorry to hear that. I won't last long I don't think, I'm showing a chunk already

Ashhead24 Fri 01-Dec-17 10:07:06

You can still claim maternity allowance regardless of what your OH earns as long as you qualify for having worked enough in the last year or so. Put you details into the calculator.

And you can still claim child benefit. Your OH will have to repay it on his tax return if he earns too much, but it's only repaying what you've been given, so actually the net cost is nil. And claiming child benefit gives you a national insurance credit for state pension so is well worth doing.

Bellamuerte Fri 01-Dec-17 12:26:20

@Ashhead24 You can only claim maternity allowance based on having been employed for 26 weeks out of the 66 weeks before your due date. I got sacked right at the beginning of my pregnancy so that's 38 weeks in which I'm not employed. And I had only been in my job for about 20 weeks prior to that. So I'm not entitled to a single penny because I don't have the required 26 weeks. I've spent my entire pregnancy trying to get a job to make up the missing 6 weeks so I can claim government maternity allowance but no employer will touch me.

@mustbemad17 Employers aren't allowed to discriminate but they do. They can make up any excuse for not employing you even if the real reason is because you're pregnant. You're a liability because you might develop a pregnancy related illness and be taken into hospital, or be unable to lift things, or go to the toilet a lot, and they're required to do a risk assessment and give you time off for hospital appointments, and it's a hassle when they could just employ someone who doesn't have these issues.

Lifeofpies Mon 11-Dec-17 11:24:25

How is everyone doing?

mustbemad - how did the interview go? What did you wear?

I submitted two job apps yesterday and did an online judgement test for one. Feeling proud of my effort and glad they’re off my plate. But know this is just the first little step. My leaving date for work has been extended and I’ve worked out that I am eligible for maternity allowance, which is a big relief.

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