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I'm a first time parent-how do I know what to buy???

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annabem Fri 24-Nov-17 14:09:48

Hello! My partner and I are having our first baby! We are excited!! ...maybe a bit confused...and definitely overwhelmed by all the options. How do we know what to buy? Where do I go? How do you know if it's good? Are we making the right choices?? None of my friends have children yet, so not sure where to's all just a big change.. I'm relieved I can ask here!

wowbutter Fri 24-Nov-17 14:12:35

I signed up for Boots parenting club, they posted me some magazines, they had lists in for what to buy. So I bought it.

- car seat and base.
- pram.
- sleeping place for baby (moses basket, cot whatever you have space for)
- feeding equipment depending on what you plan to do.
- some clothes
- nappies and wipes.

Everything else is non-essential but nice. Gifts get bought which help and you learn as you go.

allchatnicknamesgone Fri 24-Nov-17 14:18:53

2nd what wowbutter says.
You don't want to buy too much crap early on. Clothes can just consist of white baby grows and vests because this is pretty much all you will need to start you can keep them for baby number 2 and it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl
Congratulations and don't feel you have to buy stuff. You'll have plenty of time for online shopping after too! x

KatnissK Fri 24-Nov-17 14:19:28

I wouldn't go mad on clothes - often people buy you clothes and babies grow so quickly that half the stuff never gets worn. Don't buy only new born size either as if you have a bigger baby, they're out of it almost immediately (DS was 8lbs 10oz and went into 0-3 months almost straight away). As long as you have somewhere for the baby to sleep, bottles etc. if formula feeding and some way of transporting him/her around, I wouldn't worry about getting too much else. Do get Amazon prime though so you can get stuff quickly as and when you decide you need it.

Battleax Fri 24-Nov-17 14:20:05

If in doubt, go minimal.

Seven changes of basic clothes, feeding accessories, cot/crib/basket, nappies, sling/pram/buggy/travel system, blankets and bedding are all you really need. You can add other stuff as you go along.

DeadDoorpost Fri 24-Nov-17 14:21:13

We only have space for a cot so we got one from ikea. Mattress we got from eBay. Didn't bother buying expensive ones but these are just as good. We also got given our ram and car seat so we were lucky. Also got donated a ton of clothes.
We also bought a bag to use as a changing bag. £9 in TK Maxx and its not even a 'proper' changing bag because the ones we found were too small and too expensive for our liking. Its totally up to you what you go for.

BigBaboonBum Fri 24-Nov-17 14:30:34

- car seat
- vests and onesies
- nappies and wipes/cotton wool
- sleeping area, whatever it is you decide on
- Pram (or sling, or both)

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 24-Nov-17 14:33:01

I find the Which? magazine/website to be useful for reviews of things like car seats, prams etc. You can sign up for a cheap trial I think still.

pulpi Sat 25-Nov-17 10:23:41

You’ll be given a lot of stuff. A lot. What we had on hand:

Pram travel system with infant car seat (Isofix is a back saver).
Ikea cotbed with Sleepyhead
Boba baby carrier
Size 2 nappies (loads)
Wipes (loads)
Sleepers 0-3 months size (7)
Vests 0-3 months size (7)
Baby socks (useless for a summer baby)
Joggers 0-3 months size (2)
Bath insert (we didn’t bother with the baby tub)
Flannels, cellular blanket, burp clothes (loads!), towels.
Change pad
Backpack rather than diaper bag

We ended up being given baby play gyms, mats, blankets, stuffed animals, books, diaper genie, clothes, more clothes, shoes.

And if you’re up in Scotland, the baby box contains most of this and more.

Now, what I wish we’d stocked up on was Calpol. Teething is awful and Calpol saved our sanity. Well, what was left of it.

Mrstobe90 Sat 25-Nov-17 22:42:23

I’m a first time parent as well and my husband and I went on loads of sites and looked at all sorts of lists to get an idea.

When looking for each item, google the best rated ones, read reviews and when you find something you like, look everywhere for the cheapest price. smile

Changerofname987654321 Sat 25-Nov-17 22:50:00

Some people swear by sleepyhead but the are not recommended as they are considered to be a SIDS risk.

We needed lots of changes of clothes as DD was a sicky baby (EMCS, reflux and undiagnosed CMPA).

ALdi baby events are worth keeping an eye out for as are Sainsbury 25% off clothing.

pulpi Sun 26-Nov-17 11:23:59

Respectfully disagree, Changer. Sleepyhead was incorrectly caught up in the latest furore over sleep positioners, which are dangerous but Sleepyhead is not positioner. There have been no recorded incidents, as far as I’m aware, of any SIDS related deaths in Sleepyheads or Dockatot (as they are known in the US and Canada). A quick search will reveal much more in depth analysis of this topic, although I understand there are strong feelings on both sides. As I have no wish to derail this thread, I’ll simply say to the OP to go with your gut and what you’re comfortable with. The Sleepyhead worked a treat for us and I have no qualms about using it again in 6 months. Of course, if you plan on using a bedside crib, then you won’t need a SH at all!

annabem Thu 30-Nov-17 13:38:32

I just checked the message board today. I am overwhelmed with surprise and happiness by the response! I am so GRATEFUL to everyone. THANK YOU. I didn't think I would hear back from anyone, so I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the tips. The lists look good, and you are all right. Start minimal, and I can always add, or amazon prime it if I need anything later. I didn't even think of gifts I might get. These messages are so supportive and such a relief. <3

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