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Nose bleed out the blue

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CinnamonAndSpice Wed 22-Nov-17 00:59:02

So the other morning woke a d found a tiny bit blood stained from. Nose.. Never happened before
Now just laying there got up for the loo, and nose running, first thought oh great a cold. Got to bathroom blood now all down me, dripped in hands and on floor. 20 min later easing off with pressure on it

Apparently it's normal to have a few in pregnancy as just nhs'd it
Never had one before in my life.

OutThereToo Wed 22-Nov-17 01:01:00

I had one the other month that lasted a couple of hours, no reason, than vanished again. Pregnancy, eh? smile

SeaToSki Wed 22-Nov-17 01:02:06

Yup, common in pregnancy, you dry out and the skin in your nose cracks more easily. Try vaselin up your nose before bed (just a little to moisturise the lining of your nose and dont go too high!)

DeadDoorpost Wed 22-Nov-17 01:02:58

Pregnancy is odd. I'd never had heartburn until 3rd trimester of this pregnancy. I'd also never been so ill so quickly.

Also the first time I've never wanted chocolate for about 14 weeks... thankfully that wore off.

Speaking of nosebleeds though, my DH has had 2 today and he very very rarely has them. Maybe its the air pressure changing and your body is more susceptible during pregnancy? Who knows.

CinnamonAndSpice Wed 22-Nov-17 01:11:31

Haha I was thr same with chocolate lol.

Yeah a funny thing. Isn't it pregnancy.. Men get the easy part pmsl

It's finally stopped i think... Made me feel but sick as being a nose bleed Virgin thought I had to tilt head and loads went down my throat.

Off to clean up the bathroom before DS or dp seeing morning and wonder what the hell has gone on In there lmao

ijustwannadance Wed 22-Nov-17 01:15:21

I get the nosebleeds too. Central heating drying out the air makes it worse.

CinnamonAndSpice Wed 22-Nov-17 01:23:53

Will bear in mind. Haven't had the heating on this eve but normally do. Altho never in the bedroom can't stand the bedroom hot, much to dps disgust lol

Nicae Wed 22-Nov-17 01:52:06

I had nosebleeds during both my pregnancies, never had them before or since, v inconvenient but ultimately only that. If they become regular just make sure you don't become anemic.

Ttbb Wed 22-Nov-17 02:07:56

I had this all the time during pregnancy. I do not miss it at all.

Cagliostro Wed 22-Nov-17 02:15:22

I had a very dramatic one at around 33 weeks. I'd just been diagnosed with GD and was trying to get the finger prick test thing to work, got really frustrated and ended up sobbing. Thought I was just getting really snotty with the crying then looked down and I was all bloody blush never happened since though

thingymaboob Wed 22-Nov-17 07:16:21

Repeated nosebleeds might be a sign of increased blood pressure (pre eclampsia). It is also perfectly normal - I've had lots too but just make sure you're having your blood pressure checked.

cakesandphotos Wed 22-Nov-17 13:43:11

I never had a nose bleed either then out of nowhere I get one a week (usually on a Thursday or Friday) mine have gotten worse, they started as just when I blew my nose and now they fully drip out. Apparently all normal and for me anyway, preferable to heartburn!

Oysterbabe Wed 22-Nov-17 14:11:39

I had a pretty bad one the other night for the first time. I'm 36+3.
It was a bit disturbing!

DeadDoorpost Wed 22-Nov-17 15:13:16

Yeah, don't lean backwards! Always forwards. At least now you know. Have you had any more today at all?

CinnamonAndSpice Wed 22-Nov-17 16:35:40

No, no more today.. Guessing it continued slightly after falling asleep as woke up to a messy pillow and pj' top..
White bedding and blood do not mix.. And it's the only color I have lol.

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