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Slow bump growth

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SweetheartTreacleTart Mon 20-Nov-17 09:43:41

I'm currently 18 weeks and it feels as though the past 1-2 weeks my belly hasn't grown that much. Is that quite normal? I still feel pregnant but my bump has remained the same and I haven't gained much weight.

I just wondered when most of you began to pile on the pounds and notice your belly rapidly growing?

mindutopia Mon 20-Nov-17 09:52:22

At 18 weeks, I still barely looked pregnant and there is very little change around then. I would say not til closer to 24-25 weeks do things take off a bit and then into 3rd tri. It's really once the uterus starts to get above about the belly button, which happens usually after 20 weeks. But you really shouldn't be gaining much weight yet at that point, so that sounds perfectly fine to me.

PandaCat Mon 20-Nov-17 10:00:04

My bump was slow growing with my first, in fact at 18 weeks I didn't even have a bump with my first, not until closer to 30 weeks.

I think my bump is growing slightly quicker this time. I wouldn't use the word rapidly though.

SweetheartTreacleTart Mon 20-Nov-17 10:14:10

Thanks to you both. I feel much more reassured.

DaisyLand Mon 20-Nov-17 10:19:20

Im 20w and mine is like 4w ago... cant wait to have a proper pregnant belly! Tho then I think i dont want to buy too many clothes smile

Had a private scan on saturday and they said baby was measuring exactly what he should be measuring so as long as he's fine , i dont mind my belly smile

Fefifoefum Mon 20-Nov-17 10:21:46

I’m 25 weeks, I just look a bit fat!
My app this morning said my uterus is the size of a football now, goodness knows where its hiding!

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