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KFC. Macdonalds. Chip shop and kebab

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CinnamonAndSpice Sun 19-Nov-17 22:03:13

That has been my diet since Fri. Lmao.
Not a norm occurrence but it's been a hectic weekend with Various people and it kinda happened lol. Had all meals planned as always do and always cook properly.
Now feel a bit bad for the Bubba as well as very sluggish lol

Definitely a one off. Normetake away is once a fortnight and even then I feel bad

Lesson learned. Just wondering I'm the only one that has had a poor diet for a few days during pregnancy

BigBaboonBum Sun 19-Nov-17 23:04:11

I always buy Gousto meals but lately I’ve not been bothered in the slightest and been for takeaways more than I should! Last week the entire box was wasted blush Certainly not alone

PandaCat Mon 20-Nov-17 07:53:44

My diet hasn't been amazing either. It's hard to get up and cook a decent meal when you lack the energy!

Mascarawandlady Mon 20-Nov-17 08:02:09

My diet has been 80% poor since around 6 weeks. Now 12+6. I've just felt so sick I've eaten what I fancy. I've actually lost weight though.

CrimsonKitten Mon 20-Nov-17 08:33:54

My diet has been horrendous. I'm 15 weeks and didn't know until I missed a second period (mine were irregular so I didn't count the first). In fact, the week I feel I was on holiday... drinking vodka every night and eating as much food as I could. Then when I found out, I freaked out. I'd been downing energy drinks at work and eating very minimal. I'm obviously more careful now, but I think a lot of the food concerns are more of a "you shouldn't because you might get sick" rather than a "don't eat this, you'll definately harm the baby" kind of thing. I just eat what I fancy, that way I stop myself feeling sick and I've not had any issues so far except I eat far more now than I ever did before 😂

molifly Mon 20-Nov-17 08:49:19

Mine is so bad! We don't have an oven or a hob this week due to having a new kitchen fitted and i have eaten so terribly! Glad i'm not the only one who's love for Mcdonalds chips is nearly the same as the guilt i feel when i eat them!

BigBaboonBum Mon 20-Nov-17 08:55:03

Lol @molifly it’s funny you should mention McDonald’s chips, we had McDonald’s the other day and I was eating the chips in the car like I hadn’t eaten for weeks! I just shovelled them in! They tasted absolutely amazing and I’m struggling to eat right now so I was like a monster. I looked over and OH was looking at me... half adoringly and half unsure whether I was about to eat him next

EastDulwichWife Mon 20-Nov-17 10:53:09

My diet is awful. So bland and unhealthy but the thought of a salad or, god forbid, some spinach makes me feel dreadful. Yesterday I ate 2 crumpets and two slices of pizza... Poor baby...

Hannabee123 Mon 20-Nov-17 12:23:18

First trimester I was awful for eating chips shop chips and curry sauce as it was the only thing I could eat and not feel horrifically sick after eating.
Now at 35 weeks in glad because everything sucks to eat and gives me acid even water.. Enjoy it smile

DeadDoorpost Mon 20-Nov-17 12:32:18

Poor diet for the majority of mine and baby is doing fine. Mainly because it's been the only thing I've been able to keep down

Rebeccaslicker Mon 20-Nov-17 12:34:34

Ah you'll be fine so long as some healthy stuff gets in there too! Baby will take what it needs from you smile

thingymaboob Mon 20-Nov-17 13:08:53

Good god. What are you worried about? I gave hyperemesis and could only eat hula hoops for about 4-6 weeks with occasional chips. You haven't done anything wrong. I was going to eat only organic healthy food but as couldn't stomach anything apart from bland carbs that's all I had.

ElizabethLemon Mon 20-Nov-17 16:09:48

My diet has been awful too although trying to eat healthier now I don’t feel quite so sick all the time.

Unfortunately I discovered Uber eats now delivers macdonalds to our postcode 😱🐷!

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