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Anyone else pregnant with number 4?! 😲

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BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 13:52:25

As the title suggests, I have three already and yesterday found out that there's a fourth on the way.

Totally and utterly unplanned!!

I haven't told dp yet as he's away but I'm worried about how he's going to feel....

Anyone else pregnant with their fourth? Could do with someone to chat to before I burst!


BoofayTheOompaLoompaSlayer Sat 18-Nov-17 15:08:06

Yup! Eldest is 17, middle is 12 and youngest is 5. They’ll be 18,13 and 6 when number four arrives end of May! This one was also a bit of a surprise but hubs and I are both very happy.

BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 15:56:11

Congratulations! You have much bigger age gaps than me! 😁

BoofayTheOompaLoompaSlayer Sat 18-Nov-17 16:16:00

Congratulations to you too. What are the ages of your children? When are you due? I’m sure four kids are just as easy as three!! 😂
I’m sure your husband will be just as thrilled as mine when he gets over the shock! There were lots of expletives in our kitchen when that pregnancy test flashed up “pregnant” a couple of months ago!!

HenryBiggleswade Sat 18-Nov-17 16:34:04


I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with number 4...and number 5! My eldest will turn 5 just before the twins arrive so it’s been a nerve-racking few months getting our heads around everything.

How old are your current children? Exciting times ahead.

BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 16:38:58

Eeek, Henry! I really hope it's only one in there but I am 35 and isn't that when your eggs start releasing in droves?! shock

My other three are 8, 6 and 4....

BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 16:40:01

How did your families react to the news? I don't think ours will be impressed......and I'm DREADING telling a friend of mine who is struggling with infertility sad

RosieCotton Sat 18-Nov-17 17:10:48

I've just found out we're expecting number 4 too. Mine will be 12, 9 and 5 when number 4 arrives. I was in the pill and took it religiously. Needless to say this one is a complete suprise.

BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 17:12:20

Ah, Rosie, how are you feeling about it all? I'm crapping myself flowers

JoJoSM2 Sat 18-Nov-17 17:14:12

Brutus, re the friend with infertility, if she’s the type to take it badly, ie get jealous and upset that she’s isn’t pregnant, just send her a text. That will give her time to process the news.

BrutusMcDogface Sat 18-Nov-17 18:16:25

Thank you Jo, I will do. Currently wondering htf I'm going to cope ATM, and I know that friends and family will wonder the same thing.

RosieCotton Sat 18-Nov-17 19:10:29

If I'm honest I'm scared stupid. Lol. So many emotions all at once. I'm only 7 weeks and already being bullies by midwives and consultant for another c section. I thought I'd got away with no sickness but it kicked in yesterday and today sad I'm happy about it but scared as well. If you ever want to chat I'm here

McTootBlowsOnHisBagpipe Sat 18-Nov-17 20:57:15

Me!! It's been 7 years since I last had a baby. My older children are over the news at the news, which was nice.
I'm feeling stressed at the prospect of having a new born again, I sat and had lunch with my youngest in a cafe today and watched some poor woman wrestle with her toddler and it brought back all the memories of when my lot were little 😱

McTootBlowsOnHisBagpipe Sat 18-Nov-17 20:58:40

Over the moon, not over the news.

BrutusMcDogface Sun 19-Nov-17 08:17:55

Ah, McToot, that's how I feel. I was so pleased to be past the baby/toddler stage.

Rosie- thank you so much. Will definitely be taking you up on that offer!

LumpySpaceCow Sun 19-Nov-17 08:49:22

Me! Due in a few weeks - kids will be 7, 3 and nearly 2. I was upset when I found out and am still apprehensive but quite excited now. Just nervous about recovering from section with 2 toddlers and a baby!

BrutusMcDogface Sun 19-Nov-17 09:26:30

Hi Lumpy! How has the pregnancy been with two such little ones? Congrats!

I told dp this morning and he's worried but I'm so pleased with his reaction, which was mainly happiness! Phew smile

I had a few tears when I was telling him. Life is just getting easier and (date I say it) more fun now that the youngest is so much more independent.

Keep chatting, everyone! This is helping me so much 😊

BrutusMcDogface Sun 19-Nov-17 09:28:05

Oh and how did your families all react to the news? I think we'll try and keep it quiet as long as possible but that might be tricky with Christmas/christmas dos planned!

PopadomPointer Sun 19-Nov-17 09:30:35

Yes me!
Very excited but equally terrified at the same timegrin

NotBurpeesAgain Sun 19-Nov-17 09:32:59

Yes. Pregnant with unplanned number 4. DCs are 10, 8 and 5. DH took it much better than I had expected. It is really the wrong moment (we were looking for a new house, now banks will never lend us money) and I am terrified something might be wrong with the baby. I am looking forward to the first scan.
Congratulations OP!

BrutusMcDogface Sun 19-Nov-17 09:46:39

Hi, popadum! Congrats! How old are your others?

Hi to Not, too! Congrats! How long is it until your scan? I'm toying with the idea of an early private scan but shouldn't really be spending the money! Will need to be much more careful with money now!

Mummyhen5 Sun 19-Nov-17 09:47:05

Nearly due with number 5, hope that qualifies me to post, eldest will be almost 18 when this one arrives, glad to hear there are lots of ladies expecting larger broods.
We’ve been apprehensive but excited about another one and family and friends all seem happy for us. Seriously fed up of the bad jokes from people we barely know though “have you thought of getting a tv?” Etc etc

BrutusMcDogface Sun 19-Nov-17 09:49:58

Of course, Mummyhen! Congrats to you, too! How old are your others?Oh dear, I hope I don't have responses like that....

Royalsteph Sun 19-Nov-17 09:53:21

Me! 37 weeks with number 4. DCs are 9, 6 and 2. Complete surprise as on the pill.

NotBurpeesAgain Sun 19-Nov-17 09:56:06

The scan is on December 6th. I would have been ready to pay for a private scan but it does not really exist in France. I want to be sure it is not twins!

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