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Third pregnancy thread

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LeaderoftheAteam Fri 17-Nov-17 18:46:29

Hi folks,

Does anyone fancy a third pregnancy thread? I’ve had a look and couldn’t see anything similar, if there is one then please share. Thought it may be a good idea as obviously first is a bit different from third?
Age: 28
Children: 6 and 1DD’s
Pregnancy: approx 5 weeks (still bf’ing so cycle hadn’t returned)

HazyDays81 Fri 17-Nov-17 21:19:37

Hi there,
Yes I’d like to join!
Age: 36
Children: 6 & 4 DS’s
Pregnancy: I’m 23 weeks - having another boy!

elvesareneverhappy Sat 18-Nov-17 04:18:40

I'm in my 3rd pregnancy too!
Age: 35
Children: 4 and 2 year old twins
Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Roll on May!

InappropriateUsername Sat 18-Nov-17 07:48:45

Can i join too?
Age: 35
Children: 4 and 1 (DS/DD)
Pregnancy: 23 weeks - having another boy too

My son is excited but I am nervous about my daughter, she gets jealous if my son comes in for cuddles so its going to be interesting!

Chipsahoy Sat 18-Nov-17 08:48:30

Me me.
I'm 34
2 ds 9 and 6.
I'm 16 weeks. Will find out sex in December. Exciting.

Ava1985 Sat 18-Nov-17 09:09:33

Hello ladies,

Can I join too?! I'm on the 'Feb antenatal' thread but it's so quiet there as they've set up a Facebook group instead but I don't do Facebook!

I'm 32
1dd aged 7 and 1ds age 4.5!
27+2 weeks with another ds!

Feeling great on the whole but noticed I can get some pelvic pressure/pain when I've been on my feet for a while this time; is that a third pg thing?!

How are everyone else doing? X

LeaderoftheAteam Sat 18-Nov-17 09:58:27


Thought I would have a tumbleweed post where no one responded so thank you! How have you found your pregnancies so far? Is it different to the others? Are symptoms similar and are you showing earlier? Very early days for us but I am feeling lots of aches and symptoms like insomnia and think I may have low iron again.

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Sat 18-Nov-17 16:26:00


Age: 28
Children: 10 and 3 (both DS)
Pregnancy 13 weeks. (Due in May, first DS was born on his due date and second was born 10 days early so rightly or wrongly I’m assuming I won’t make it to 40 weeks)

Really suffering this time round with a lot of discomfort and sickness 😷

Chipsahoy Sat 18-Nov-17 20:21:05

Oh oh yes me, I'm getting pelvic pressure when up on my feet for a while. So perhaps muscles are more relaxed as we've already had two? #Ava1985

I really suffered early on this time around. But hit 15 weeks and suddenly feel better. Nausea gone. Heartburn gone for now, dizziness passing. That went much earlier in previous pregnancies.
I am definitely more achy this time around and can't sleep.

So are you prepared with things like house size and car? Our house is big enough but just realised tonight that my mazda 3 isn't going to fit two car seats and my oldest ds in the back together. I'm gutted. I only got that last year it's lovely. I gotta get an ugly mpv. Sob. wink

Fannyfanakerpants Sat 18-Nov-17 20:31:48

Me please!
I'm 33.
DC: 5 and
I'm 14 weeks

I've felt rubbish this time. I have no idea if it was worse than the past couple of times but I had to go to the docs in tears and was put on cyclazine which really helped. Im still quite worried about the stress of work at the moment. I'd hand my notice in if I wasn't leaving at Easter and I have no idea how to manage until then. My blood pressure is already raised.

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Sat 18-Nov-17 21:12:44

I know it’s normal to feel movement at earlier stages with each pregnancy but I didn’t expect to feel so much at 13 weeks. Only small but definitely there. Has anyone else had this?

FourForYouGlenCoco Sat 18-Nov-17 23:32:22

Great thread, would love to hop on too! Technically 6th pregnancy, but 3rd DC.
Age: 27
DC: 5 and 16 months (DD, DS)
Pg: 18 weeks tomorrow, due end of April ish. DD was 40+1 and DS was exactly a week early so also assuming I won't make it all the way. So far it's not been quite as bad as DC2 re symptoms etc, but having the 2 to run around after (and a much smaller age gap this time) is absolutely exhausting. I am so so tired. Had horribly bad nausea from weeks 5-12, which has thankfully mostly eased off now, but had SPD with DC2 so dreading that making a return.
SnowWhite I expected really early movements this time too but had nothing for sure til 16+ weeks! But they got strong really fast - 2 weeks ago I'd had no definite movements, now I feel very obvious wriggles and kicks.
Chips we are totally unprepared, will need a new car and at some point, will need a new house - but DH is about to become self-employed, which rather puts a spanner in the works. I'm a SAHM so don't think any mortgage lenders will touch us with a bargepole! We can make do for now. I'd better start buying lottery tickets grin

Sej1981 Sat 18-Nov-17 23:46:24

Age: 36
Children 10 & 8 DS’s
Pregnancy: 5 weeks today!

This is my first pregnancy with my partner of 6 years, very nervous and cautions right now... feels like a lifetime ago that I had my DS’s

Lozmatoz Sun 19-Nov-17 03:34:44


I’m 36, have ds5 and dd3. May not be with you for long as I’m 37+3 weeks.
Both the other 2 were late, but you never know!

EekThreek Sun 19-Nov-17 08:27:24

Jumping in!

Age: 34
DCs: 7 and nearly 3
Weeks: 30

@FourForYouGlenCoco Sorry for your losses flowers

I also expected to feel movements earlier, but I had an anterior placenta last time which masked things a lot! So while I didn't feel movements much earlier this time I wasn't prepared for just how strong they are. Must have forgotten from first time.

I'm struggling with my mental health. Unplanned baby, due at an emotionally charged time (BIL's birthday, the first year since he died), me and DH have had a difficult year. Work is stressful and DCs are keeping us busy - I'm really worried about how we'll cope with three!

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Sun 19-Nov-17 09:31:58

@EekThreek I am also struggling with my mental health right now due to a lot of work related stress (bullying to be completely honest) and the death of a close friend last week. I’ve just been signed off of work because I finally admitted to myself that I just really wasn’t coping.

Please look after yourself x

Ava1985 Sun 19-Nov-17 12:08:54

chips glad it's not just me then with the pelvic pain-feel like a pensioner sometimes even though my general fitness is quite reasonable ! Been swimming 2/3 times a week which helps lift the pressure off my body and pelvis.

Sorry to hear some of you ladies are going through a tough time mentally; fx things things get better for you soon flowers

On a practical note, we have a seven seater car so no problems there but only three bedroomed house so will probably need to upgrade that in the future!

Has anyone heard that babies tend to get bigger the more you have? Wonder if that's true? My last one wasn't huge or anything (over 8lb though) but just curious! X

Fannyfanakerpants Sun 19-Nov-17 13:29:55

I'm sorry a few of you are going through a tough time.
SnowWhite have you been signed off long term? It must feel a bit of a relief.
EekThreek when do you plan to go on maternity leave?
I think the thought if three is far more stressful than with the second. This was planned but when you plan it, things like cars and bedrooms and money are future decisions and problems. But now they are here and all money sapping.
I've had to pass on 2 career oppurtunities as they would have meant going self employed so i'm stuck in a job I wouldn't be in if I wasn't pregnant and cry on my way to work, and after, every day.

I haven't felt any movement yet but have a definitely feel a pressure and awareness that somethings there.

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Sun 19-Nov-17 14:44:42

@Fannyfanakerpants a couple of weeks so far but to be honest unless the situation is resolved (I work within a company that has quite a few units within the same area) and I’m moved to another unit then it’ll be long term. I never ever saw myself even imagining doing this but honestly it’s beyond a joke now. My last day at work was Tuesday and I forgot to do something (very minor, think replacing the paper in the copy machine but not that) and I got a string of abusive messages from my bosses partner (who also works with us). I eventually lost my rag, I wasn’t rude at all (I can honestly say that hand on heart) but I did point out that a couple of weeks ago I had been put in an absolutely vile position (that was her fault and could have had long term repercussions for the company if we had an environmental health visit which we are actually due anytime now) but I put up with it and got on with things. She went nuts and I’m apparently now the most out of order person on the planet for daring to stand up for myself. I am of a more senior position then her and have worked for the company longer (however we are on the same pay rate because, well she’s the bosses girlfriend) and I don’t think she’s used to being stood up to.

Sorry that was really long! I didn’t mean to rant and derail the thread!

Fannyfanakerpants Sun 19-Nov-17 15:21:31

I think it's important to be able to rant to strangers. It's theraputic. I hope you get a resolution.

lovelyjubilly Sun 19-Nov-17 15:34:35

Hi everyone! Can I join too please?

Age: 35
DC: 2 dd aged 7 and 5.
Weeks: 33

Planning a ELCS as the other two were emergencies. I have my consultant appointment a week tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting a date in the diary for it now with it being so close to Christmas. Due date is 4th Jan so I'm assuming it will be scheduled some time between Christmas and New year.

EekThreek Sun 19-Nov-17 16:38:15

Thankfully we don't have to worry about the car - I got a 7 seater after DD started school and we found ourselves giving her friends lifts to/from play dates etc. I had been hoping to downsize it as the lift requirements have tailed off, but I won't be doing that now 😂

I'll finish at Christmas for ML, I'll be 30 weeks then. 3 weeks of annual leave, then ML until end of October.

We've just moved into a 4 bed house (renting) and DH is hoping for a pay rise in the next couple of weeks, which will really help the finances when I'm on stat mat pay. My employer is currently reviewing their maternity policy to pay more than stat minimum, but it doesn't look like it will come into effect before I start sad

I think I'll feel better with Christmas (and DS's birthday) out of the way!

EekThreek Sun 19-Nov-17 16:42:51

😳 I'll be 35 weeks when I finish. I'm 30 weeks now!

ndo4000 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:09:33

Can I join please!!!

Age: 37
DCs: 10 & 8 Dds
Weeks: 33

Just moved house into a massive project so exhausted at the enormity of it all. I have even begun to get sorted, although thankfully a lot of my friends have given me things that they are finished with (we got rid of all of our stuff not thinking we might go for round 3!).

Planning a home birth and generally trying to keep doctors (& some midwives) away from me!

Fannyfanakerpants Mon 20-Nov-17 08:22:47

ndo did you have a home birth last time? I would thoroughly recommend them. It was so much more relaxed than hospital and the midwife was completely hands off.
I feel for you renovating. We're 2 years in and planning a self build extention just as baby's due. Oh, and a new puppy in 5 weeks. I'm setting myself up for a breakdown!

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