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Elective c section

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tiptopteepe Tue 14-Nov-17 20:06:34

I just wanted to hear peoples experiences about asking for a c sections for mental health reasons.

Im pregnant with my second at the moment and having done a lot of reading up on it I really think that a c section would be beneficial to me this time around.
My first birth was 'natural' but I ended up with injuries that meant i couldnt sit or stand for several months and I got quite bad PND and ended up on antidepressants.
I feel the PND was partially caused by the length of time I was awake in labour. Sleep has always been an issue for me and lack of it exaggerates my mental health issues vastly. I also ended up having to use a lot of pain interventions like gas and air and pethadine which i knew would have a bad effect on my psychologically but because of the length of my labour (3 days) i didnt really have a choice in using.
The wound on my vagina also had a very negative impact on me because of a bad sexual experience in my teens. For some reason this wound just made me think of that over and over.

All in all I think that even though recovery from a c section is painful and its a serious operation, it might be easier for me to cope with.

I dont want to have PND again as I couldnt bond with my son for months, it was really sad.

Any stories and advice would be welcome!! x

BabloHoney Tue 14-Nov-17 20:17:53

If you want to have a c section you are entitled to have one, you may have to fight for it but it’s your right under nhs guidelines.. hearing about your first birth hopefully the hospital you are under would be receptive to an elective section birth, it sounds like you had a tough time (hugs) I had an emergency c section and the recovery was fine, you just have to be careful lifting, not sure how old your older child is but if you have a c sec is definitely worth getting help from friends and family if you have a toddler who requires lifting a lot. Lots of luck with the pregnancy and birth x

TheNoseyProject Tue 14-Nov-17 20:26:14

It’s not your right, they should take your views very very seriously but you don’t have a right to one.

I found it very easy to get one but I had ptsd and was in the midst of a relapse. It’ll depend on your local ccg’s policy. Some areas are refusing/not funding all elective surgery.

You’ve got a fair chance though so do talk to your gp/midwife.

I would say though that my own recovery from a medically mismanaged (to use their language) vaginal birth was easier than recovery from a c section. So don’t assume it’ll definitely be easier.

I hope all is going well with your pregnancy so far!

tiptopteepe Tue 14-Nov-17 20:49:18

Its interesting to hear that you found recovery from a c section harder than a mismanaged labour Nosey.
I suppose whatever you do you cant be sure of a better outcome.
I did read that the hospital nearest to me was stopping all elective surgery but the article was from 2011 so hopefully that may not be the case any more.
Im just going to bring it up with my midwife and see how she responds.
Thanks guys!

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