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I think my baby has turned the wrong way at 38 weeks!

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Booooooo Tue 14-Nov-17 00:52:16

I had some really painful movements earlier tonight as I came to bed as the baby was moving around inside me. Very very uncomfortable. Now the position I had got used to the baby in feels very strange and I'm feeling most movements lower down rather than high up in my ribs. Slightly paranoid that it's the head I can now feel up higher.

I have a midwife apt on Thursday. Do I wait until then or should I try and see someone tomorrow? I guess it's not great if I go into labour and the baby is breach confused

Craicvac Tue 14-Nov-17 01:02:06

Nightmare! Mine did the same at 36 weeks, and it sounds similar. I’d give your community midwife a ring in the morning and let them know- chances are they’ll try to see you before Thursday.
I was also told that if my waters went there was a higher chance of cord prolapse because the head wasn’t blocking the canal so I was to go in urgently if I ruptured my membranes- just so you’re aware if anything happens tonight.
Good luck- I hope you’re mistaken!

Booooooo Tue 14-Nov-17 01:19:22

Blimey thanks @Craicvac Hopefully I'm wrong but I feel fairly sure I'm not. I really want a lovely water birth in the midwife led unit too and was hoping this would be third time lucky

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