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guest477337 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:43:41

I'm 39 weeks today and have my induction booked for Wednesday (in 2 days) due to baby measuring on the large side.

I'm sooooo nervous, been told it's much more delayed and painful than if going in natural labour.

Any stories/advice/words of encouragement would be lovely 😊

KatnissK Mon 13-Nov-17 19:53:35

I was induced on a drip and it did take a long time to get going for me but my friend had a very quick labour with induction so you never know!
My advice:
Eat lots before you go in - you can't eat on a drip (not sure about other methods of induction) so lots of slow release foods for energy are a must!
Be clear on what you want your pain management to be. Make sure your birth partner knows what you want and communicates clearly with the midwives.
Try to relax. I was terrified so I'm being a hypocrite but just try to relax and feel happy that you will soon be meeting your baby!
Try to stay active. Even on a drip you should be able to move around and stay active. The more you move the better!
Remember every labour is different and rarely do any births go to plan. Just go with the flow, listen to the advice you are given and don't get caught up worrying about the details.

Best of luck to you OP and congratulations flowers

TeaPleaseBob Tue 14-Nov-17 09:39:39

I had an induction with my first due to pre eclampsia at 35weeks. I was worried beforehand but it was honestly fine for me. I had pessary at midnight then waters broken and drip started 9ish. My DD was born 11.40am after a very short but fairly intense labour. I had paracetamol after they broke my waters and then used gas and air once in labour.

Due to extra monitoring I was unable to move around but honestly couldn’t have cared less (this after writing a birth plan about moving freely and using birthing pool etc). Just wanted to give a positive story. My labour was fine and I’d do it again in a heartbeat (currently vomiting through early 2nd pregnancy and labour seems even more attractive option just now).

I think with any labour you never know what to expect and just have to go with it really. Hopefully it goes well for you.

ethelfleda Tue 14-Nov-17 10:33:33

I was terrified my whole pregnancy of having to be induced. My waters broke at 37 weeks (2 weeks ago!) So I had to go in to be induced. It was fine - painful obviously but fine. Definitely eat lots in the lead up to it - loads of carbs to build up your energy.
You will not be afraid once in labour - you'll be in the zone and your body will do the work. Just surrender yourself to it - repeat words of encouragement over and over in your head and keep your eyes on the prize. Trust the people around you to give you the best care possible and it'll be over before you know it. It really isn't that bad - pain is just pain and nothing to fear. You'll be amazing - and you will be so proud of yourself afterwards. I feel like my body can do anything and DH is still in awe of me.
Good luck and congratulations on meeting your little one soon!!!

ethelfleda Tue 14-Nov-17 10:39:54

Also - I had the pessary but never needed the drip as I went from 3cm to 7cm in about 2 hours. I had read a little bit on hypnobirthing and was visualising my cervix opening. Seems like a weird thing to say but it may have helped!! Every time I really concentrated on it I would have a contraction!
Also - I had no stitches at all and my beautiful boy was breastfeeding within an hour of his birth. I have nothing but happy memories of that day now.

3Boys1Mum Tue 14-Nov-17 10:49:21

Induced with my last 2. 1st came naturally and it was rather pleasant.

1st induction was countless pessaries and sweeps, long and annoying. Mild pain. They then broke my waters then baby it’s out in 50 minutes - strong, painful contractions but I got through it.

2nd induction.. pessary worked within an hour, an hour later I hadn’t dilated past 3cm so they broke my waters. Baby out within 16 minutes - it was very painful. I actually get flashbacks and wake up all scared. I think I have PTSD.. but the minute that child was out it was so amazing. I think that the more pain you go through the more amazing holding that baby is (probably just because it’s out).

Basically it could hurt, it may not but you won’t know this until it’s too late. And then before you know it you have safely delivered a little baby into the world so it all melts away.

Good luck, I was induced two weeks ago and was endlessly googling the likelihood of pain even though I’d gone through it a year before grin

guest477337 Wed 15-Nov-17 19:43:57

Thanks ladies, I've had the pessarie. I was 2cm dilated before the popped it in but rather than breaking my waters which she said would be instense they've given me this.

Not had any contractions yet so look like I'm in hospital till tomorrow afternoon when hopefully they'll break my waters. At least I'm not in too much pain 😊

Thank you for your stories and word and encouragement.

Katescurios Wed 15-Nov-17 19:47:43

I had the pessary, had a few tightenings over night, next morning they broke my waters. 4 and a half hrs later I had my little girl. Just gas n air and no drip or IV needed so I was able to pace around.

I found the whole process absolutely fine although a little boring hanging around the hospital for 24hrs before they broke my waters.

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