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How can I make it easier for my bloods to be taken?

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Bippitybopityboo Mon 13-Nov-17 15:37:13

It's always a struggle to find a vein good enough to get blood from. I had an appointment the other day and it took 5 attempts and they ended up using the back of my hand.
I have an appointment on Friday and was wondering if anything makes it easier?

Snotato Mon 13-Nov-17 15:39:42

Make sure you are warm,my veins are always really big when I’m warm.

Manctart Mon 13-Nov-17 15:40:32

They may have already suggested this but keep hydrated as if you aren't I think it's harder to get the vein. Also if they can use a butterfly needle that is usually a bit smaller!

Gonegrey31 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:41:00

I am sure there’s will be some health care professionals who can advise , but what works for me is keeping myself well hydrated (lots of water before blood tests) and keeping my arm warm . I have even kept a hot water bottle against my arm! Big heavy scarf wrapped over the top. Just then makes the procedure much easier.

HandbagFan Mon 13-Nov-17 15:52:35

I had to go to hospital and have my bloods taken this week after the midwife failed. Their advice is to be hydrated and bring a hot water bottle as your veins will dilate and be easier.

I’m still blinking difficult though!

acornsandnuts Mon 13-Nov-17 15:56:47

Yes that’s loads of water. I usually sit in the car with the heating blasting so I’m really warm before.

Also, I afk for a butterfly needle. My veins a so fine a usual needle just missed it goes through.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 13-Nov-17 15:57:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 13-Nov-17 15:58:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wolfiefan Mon 13-Nov-17 15:58:53

I used to use a stress ball. Squeeze it before bloods. And YY to being hydrated.

Flowershower Mon 13-Nov-17 15:59:57

Keep warm, well hydrated and maybe exercise your arms just before - carry some heavy shopping bags smile

Chilver Mon 13-Nov-17 16:02:27

I had this problem having chemo - hydration definitely and then they used to put my entire arm in a bucket of hot water for 5 minutes!!! So, in lieu of a bucket of water grin, run your arm under a tap before your appoinment and then carry the hot water bottle?

Frogqueen13 Mon 13-Nov-17 16:05:25

Take a hot water bottle with u that's what I do and what I do to my patients when I take there blood

Bippitybopityboo Mon 13-Nov-17 16:15:14

Thankyou for the fab advice! Ill keep warm and keep well hydrated fingers crossed smile

sycamore54321 Mon 13-Nov-17 16:18:33

Yup. Well hydrated, well fed and warm, with no constrictive tight sleeves, all make a huge difference in my experience as a long-time blood donor.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo Mon 13-Nov-17 16:30:23

Who does it? The phlebotomists are usually great at taking blood. Midwives not so much.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Mon 13-Nov-17 17:13:14

Every doctor/midwife who has tried to get my blood in a doc surgery has failed but the hospital can always get it. During my pregnancies they gave up and use to just send me there whenever blood was needed

Lauraandbump2 Mon 13-Nov-17 17:47:47

Butterfly needles are my saviour. I've been sent all the way to hospital for bloods because they can't take it. Silly veins. My arms were black & blue after my 1st labour because the midwife kept stabbing me hopelessly on the recovery ward. I started to refuse so she sent for the anaesthetist who was horrified state of my arms!

Jackreacherswife Mon 13-Nov-17 17:56:19

Lots of water, keep warm and get the blood clinic to do it not midwife. They do loads more so better experienced with crap veins

Bippitybopityboo Mon 13-Nov-17 19:20:53

I always find I get the midwifery assistants who do mine in the clinic, and usually they're better than the midwives, in my last pregnancy they always sent for one specific lady to do them if she was working but it's always difficult getting them!

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Mon 13-Nov-17 19:40:35

Drink a pint of water about 20 mins before. Works for me (although i need to dash to the lav)

HelloSquirrels Mon 13-Nov-17 19:44:16

I had this issue i had three different people try get blood out of me and they threatened to try my FEET. -shivers- anyway, was told to drink lots of water and they didnt take the tourniquet off.

OldWitch00 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:46:59

If your a known hard poke, fluids the day before and ask for a warm flannel blanket to keep the arm in.

Ollivander84 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:47:30

Warm and loads of water. They usually have someone, often with nickname "the vampire" who can get blood out of anyone. I go every 12 weeks to haematology and they find her especially for my shit veins grin

knottybeams Mon 13-Nov-17 19:52:15


Warn reception so you get booked in with someone who is used to tricky veins not the hardest who only just did the course. It's not fair on either of you.

Make sure you're really well hydrated. If pee has more than a tinge of yellow about it, drink more fluids

Keep warm. Mittens warmer than gloves, and a good baggy sweater. Layer up appropriately to be able to get your arm out though. Time is not your friend in these little appointment slots.

Power walk /run to appointment if you can, get the blood pumping.

Keep track of where has been successful, so you can direct the phlebotomy to that spot next time.

It does actually get easier as you get more pregnant, so try not to worry too much.

GinnyBaker Mon 13-Nov-17 20:21:46

I'm a tricky customer for this too and the great bloods staff at my hospital taught me to use a surgical glove. Fill from the hot water tap in the loo, tie a knot in the wrist end and use as a hot water bottle. Worked every time for me.

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