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Help! Symtoms of etopic pregnancy

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aimeelouisexo Mon 13-Nov-17 14:11:54

Morning ladies,

I really am in need of some urgent advice. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks back and I’m approx 7 weeks. Last week I became really unwell temperature sickness cold etc I was checked over had bloods but left hospital due to feeling like a time waster and being chucked out in the waiting room. The sickness has gone I’m still bunged up but not as bad, yesterday night I starTed getting small pains in my lower abdomen feeling like a slight period and feeling bloated, finding it sort of painful from the pressure when I try go to the toilet. Like when I try to push. I have woken up this morning with a sharp pain when I breath in just beneath my breasts, very bloated. I managed to go toilet a couple of hours back which was hard but I’m still in lots of discomfort. I have also had a sharp shooting pain come and go in the tip and shoulder area (not sure exactly). All my symtoms seem like etopic but I haven’t had any bleeding. Is this still a cause for concern or is this normal? Thank you x

PJsAndProsecco Mon 13-Nov-17 14:40:29

Call your GP now if you are concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. They should at least call you and speak to you over the phone - I had a small bleed a couple of weeks back, and the on-call GP phoned me within the hour after calling my surgery and spoke with me over the phone, and referred me to the EPU for a scan. I have no experience with an ectopic but have read that you will get shoulder tip pain once it's ruptured. I think you would likely be in extreme pain by now if it had. But please, don't delay in calling your GP. I'm sure all is well though, getting a sickness bug whilst pregnant would probably make your body do all sorts x

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