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Hospital bags!

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Grimmfebruary Mon 13-Nov-17 11:42:08

Anyone who's done this before - absolute must haves and absolute waste of space in the bags?

For you, baby, partner (or whoever was your birthday partner, etc).


Grimmfebruary Mon 13-Nov-17 11:42:24

Birthing partner, that should say 😂😂

Bez9087 Mon 13-Nov-17 13:00:46

Cotton wool pads. Our hospital was very funny about me having baby wipes in the bag and wouldn’t let me use them when they was present 🙈 so had to get hubby to go bring some in. I naively took magazines in to read (how very wrong I was 😂)
Snacks was good they didn’t allow me to eat them in labour but was handy for when I got on the ward and was given a cup of tea and slice of toast after only eating some cookies for breakfast that morn 😳 so a slice of toast at 11pm wasn’t cutting it but the cereal bars in my bag certainly helped till morning. Muslin cloths, with my daughter I took about six sleepsuits in and hardly used them but when I had my son I took 6 and he was very sicky so threw up over all of them so maybe more sleepsuits and vests.
Deffo lip balm as lips get quite dry in labour, warm socks, took some lucozade for partner as can be a long stint sometimes c

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