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Pain and pressure. Talk me down.

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TheEdgeOfGlory266 Mon 13-Nov-17 01:33:21

32+3 So since Thursday night I started having bad pains on my lower back and a mild BHs. Had a routine apt with my consultant on Friday. Said it was just the way baby was sitting, could be my kidneys and to drink more water. Since Thursday night I've hardly been able to sleep through the tightening in my back. Went for a long walk today, thought it might ease the pain. Came home and went for a nap, since then I've been having really low tummy pains, similar to period pains. They're not excruciating and then about half an hour ago, the back pain started again and I've started to get pressure in my bum. Defo don't need a poo. Tell me this is normal? I don't remember this with DS. I was induced on a drip early with him due to complications so I'm not sure what normal labour feels like. I'm guessing this is not it as it is too early.
Sorry for rambling.

Soon2bemum2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 02:51:22

Well OP the long walk won't help ease the pais as it is only going to make the BH worse.

If you want to get checked out by a midwife etc then i would go and get checked out.

Other than that could it be more digestive related than baby related and so relaxing at home eating more fibre and drinking more could resolve it? I was almost admitted with strong BH which turned out was all digestive related in the end!

KMoKMo Mon 13-Nov-17 04:42:56

I’d go and get checked out. I had awful lower back pain for a week. I was consistently fobbed off by HCPs and ended up having my daughter by EMCS following PPROM.
If it doesn’t feel right then go and get checked out.
I was made to feel like I was overreacting and being a precious first time mum. Never again will I let them fob me off when I feel something is out of sorts. If just one person had listened it may have saved me a child now diagnosed with cerebal palsy.

KMoKMo Mon 13-Nov-17 04:43:38

Sorry I was 28+4 when she arrived.

huha Mon 13-Nov-17 04:57:15

Go get assessed. It’s probably Braxton Hicks but the bum pain is a good indication it could be labour.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:22:24

Thanks everyone. I'll try and give my midwife a call. I'm certain I don't need to eat more fibre. I've not got any issues going for a poo but I'll give that ago. My husband went and got me a hot water bottle last night and I managed to get some sleep. I will see how the next couple of hours go until my midwife starts. I'm not sure running around after my almost 3 year old will help.

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