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Pregnant with ex who is abusive again

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mummy2littleprinny Sun 12-Nov-17 14:38:54

Hi just looking for some advice as feeling so down at the moment, I share a three year old daughter with my ex and we haven't been together for over four years however we have slept together a few times stupidly sad

I am feeling really depressed about being pregnant with him again and stuck on my decision even more since I found out I am 13 weeks pregnant yesterday and saw my little baby kicking and moving on a scan sad. I have polycystic ovaries and only found out last week....

He really is not a great person and has caused me such deep stress over the years especially as we already share a daughter, all my close friends are saying "dont worry you already have a kid with him so nothing is going to change just keep the baby it wont be any less stress" I just feel like he has now got such a hold over me! God my life feels like its spiraling out of control. I am also worried as social services were involved when my daughter was first born however they haven't been involved for over 2 and a half years.. I just feel like if anyone finds out I have had another baby with this man they will think I am not protecting my child.

Just feel so stuck like I have no choice now I seen my baby how could I do anything less then keep him/her sad

Any advice guys?


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