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Size 16-18 and pregnant...anyone else?

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Glittermonster17 Sat 11-Nov-17 15:53:18

Hi so I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and a size 16-18 dress size. I'm 5ft 6 and weigh 14stone 9. I am really really concerned about my weight, about looking the size of a house, having a healthy pregnancy and baby, finding clothes that fit!!

I am eating healthily and taking vitamins. I know it's too late to diet and I don't really know if I'm asking you all a question.

Just it really worries me and I wondered if anyone else is in the same boat xx

Boosiehs Sat 11-Nov-17 15:55:43

I lost weight being pregant! Healthy eating, a bit of morning sickness and also no booze. 😁

pemberleypearl Sat 11-Nov-17 15:58:03

I was a size 16 when pregnant with my DD, now 5 months. I went up to a size 18 but mainly in the third trimester where you will gain most weight as baby needs to pile on the pounds. I was happy that I didn't gain more but tbh I didn't focus too much on my diet. I figured I couldn't be feeling guilty on top of an already stressful pregnancy. I did stay active though and walked briskly for about an hour a day, until my SPD stopped me in the last few weeks. My advice is to do the same, eat regularly and keep your iron intake up. Try to have healthy snacks if you can but don't feel bad if you have chocolate etc - you're pregnant!

thingymaboob Sat 11-Nov-17 16:02:58

I was worried too as I am 5'2" and was size 14/16. I lost so much weight from being sick. If I hadn't have been sick I would have done slimming world. Make sure you're taking 5mg folic acid and 10mg vit. Read this guideline:

JoJoSM2 Sat 11-Nov-17 16:56:29

My cousin was overweight/obese (probably about your size) and she managed to healthily lose 3 stone while pregnant. However, that was because she developed gestational diabetes and got lifestyle and nutrition advice from her obstetrician and a dietician. The baby was born weighing 7lb so there was no negative impact there.

I think that if you keep on eating healthily and keep active, you might as well find yourself lose some weight. Eating healthily, you’ll eat fewer calories even if you don’t ‘diet’ (ie eat silly small portions).

As long as you stay healthy in pregnancy and get regular gentle exercise, you’ll be doing the best you can and minimise the risk of problems. If you do develop any, they’ll be easier to manage with you putting all the effort in. So you’re on the right track. Good luck!

Ambonsai Sat 11-Nov-17 17:01:19

I was pretty much the same size and weight as you.
Had a great pregnancy, really healthy, lots of energy.
Healthy eating and no alcohol did wonders.

katmarie Sat 11-Nov-17 18:09:18

I was a 16 at my booking in appointment, and so they referred me for a glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks. They also referred me to a healthy pregnancy service, who will come out to you regularly, weigh you, help you make good food and exercise choices, and generally stay healthy. However, since I found out I was pregnant at about 6 weeks, I’ve not gained very much weight at all, in fact up til 14 weeks or so I’d gained nothing at all, and now at 30 weeks I’ve put on about 8pounds total. So I didn’t bother with the healthy pregnancy service and my gtt came back fine.

My lifestyle and diet have massively improved, I’m not commuting long hours and eating dinner late at night. plus not drinking at all helps, and I also changed jobs so I’m not sitting at a desk all day, I think that’s made a big difference.

I know some women do diet during pregnancy, and if you’re worried you can see your midwife or Gp for some help there, you may have a similar healthy pregnancy service in your area which you can access if only to set your mind at ease.

As for clothes, I find most maternity ranges very forgiving, I’ve been able to find size 16 maternity clothes in most of the places I’ve looked, and if you’re happy to shop online there’s loads of options out there so don’t worry. X

DeadDoorpost Sat 11-Nov-17 18:47:57

5'8 size 16-18 And started off at 16 stone 2lbs. Now I'm 38+6 15stone 8lbs and still a size 16-18.
Mainly because I was so ill so lost 35 lbs but have gained it back after having anti sickness meds.

Everyone is different and at the end of the day the only reason you should be concerned is if the midwife thinks you're overdoing it somehow.

GTT will also be done if your BMI is above a certain point. But try to relax as like I said, everyone is different.

MrsMcW Sat 11-Nov-17 19:29:58

I'm 20 weeks, 5ft 7 and was a size 18 at booking in. I had exactly the same worries as you, but it's been fine so far! Had one skinny minnie midwife who put the fear of god in me - told me I would need blood thinning injections throughout and would need all sorts of additional tests and scans - and then referred me to a consultant. However when I met the consultant he looked bemused and said that as I'm perfectly healthy (albeit heavy!) I needed nothing of the sort. Since then no other midwife has mentioned it, and I'm having a perfectly normal pregnancy. smile I lost around 5 kilos in the first trimester, purely from no booze I think as I didn't get bad morning sickness. Since then, I've only put 2 back on so I'm still lighter than when I started.

You will be fine! flowers

JudgeTinder Sat 11-Nov-17 19:37:39

I’m a very similar height, weight and dress size to you. I’m now 26 weeks and until the bump started to show I was told by a few people that I had lost weight (they didn’t know I was pregnant!)

I think it was a combination of going off certain foods (mostly chocolate!) and of course no alcohol (a massive factor for me I think!!)

My maternity clothes are sizes 16 and 18 but actually the 18s are still too big. So you might find you’ll lose weight without even trying. I’ve not had any problems or comments (as yet) at any appointments.

Try not to worry and keep eating healthily whilst being as kind as you can to yourself. It’s hard enough cutting out all the foods a pregnant woman can’t eat without adding more to the list. Good luck!!

MooChops89 Sat 11-Nov-17 23:36:59

I'm a 16/18 and 15 weeks currently. Have lost about half a stone being sick etc and managing to keep it off so far. When did people start to get a noticeable bump? I've got a bit of a "fat apron" blush and haven't noticed any sort of difference yet.

JudgeTinder Sun 12-Nov-17 00:20:08

I had the teeniest bump at my 20 week scan and then it started to grow steadily from there! I was in non-maternity clothes until 20 weeks but around then I went into maternity jeans and have never looked back!

Good luck!

Crumbs1 Sun 12-Nov-17 00:22:31

I lost a lot of weight with each pregnancy - always gave birth lighter than I’d started out due to sickness. Soon regained my figure with breastfeeding though!

LadyRenoir Sun 12-Nov-17 13:13:49

Size 16, and have not put on much weight. I lost some the first weeks because of sickness, they gained a bit as I had more appetite. But I have not really increased in size from then, and now 29 weeks, so only belly obviously getting a lot bigger. I got a few pregnancy trousers and dresses to accommodate the bump, but most of my clothes turned out fitting rather well.
I do walk a lot though (at least an hour altogether to and from work). I think it helped staying in shape.

Glittermonster17 Sun 12-Nov-17 13:48:05

Thank you for all your replies. It's reassuring to know that some of you had the same worries as me!

When did Morning sickness start for you? I've only have a couple of days of feeling a tiny bit nauseous, like a lump in my throat but it passed pretty quickly so I'm wondering if it just hasn't hit me yet or if I may be one of the lucky ones! 🤞

I have to admit my diet wasn't great before...I just have 0 will power but since finding out I'm pregnant I'm really trying to just eat healthily!

Thanks for your support ladies xx

katmarie Sun 12-Nov-17 15:07:29

I didn’t get sick as such but from week 6 to about week 14 I felt horrendous nausea for a good part of the day and pretty much went off food altogether. I survived on fruit pots, ginger biscuits and whatever my DP could coax me into eating, which wasn’t much! This is part of the reason why I haven’t put a lot of weight on, although I’m making up for it now!

Papillion86 Sun 12-Nov-17 15:57:55

Was a 16 before I got pregnant. Now 18 weeks and can just about squeeze into normal clothes but about to go into maternity clothes. Have put in about half a stone (mostly holiday weight) but trying to lose it whilst pregnant 😀 I think I look huge but husband and friends says I just look pregnant.....oh the joy! Only another 22 weeks to go....

LadyRenoir Sun 12-Nov-17 16:52:32

I had the all day sickness from around 4/6th week all the way until 14 weeks, then it started going away.

With diet, I found- don't kill yourself over it. I was told to eat what I wanted through the sickness period (except for the forbidden items of course), as there were so very few things I could stomach. Of course healthy food is better, but occasional straying from it is fine too.

Glittermonster17 Mon 13-Nov-17 21:49:16

Ahh ok well I will just have to wait and see if it comes! Trying to eat lots of fruit and veggies and not worry about how I look too much. Baby is what is important now smile x

katmarie Tue 14-Nov-17 00:23:35

It is about baby now, but it’s about you too. There’s a lot of truth in the saying ‘happy mum means happy baby’. Eat what makes you feel right in yourself, try and keep it balanced, but if the nausea rears it’s head just eat what you can, and try not to worry. My weight went down in those first 12 weeks or so, and again at 28 weeks when I got norovirus, but baby is growing just fine so I’m not worried.

Also, It’s amazing how many of the ‘banned’ foods I simply can’t stomach now, like prawns, pate, white wine (all things I usually love), and it’s mad how much more water and fruit I want these days! I think our bodies have ways of letting us know what they need and don’t need.

Good luck xx

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