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Burning Feeling around belly button

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BrownSuga Mon 16-Apr-07 14:25:17

I am 32wks preggers (first timer) and just sitting here at my desk. The bump is lying transverse and is in a wriggly mood. I have a burning sensation near my belly button and feeling very tight and a bit crampy. Is he trying to claw his way out? Does anyone know what it could be?


Lwatkins Mon 16-Apr-07 14:50:11

Am 34+4 and my belly button has been hurting for a few weeks. If you think of how much your poor tummy is being stretched then no wonder it's hurting. Mine is very sore and bruised atm, I can't even touch it anymore cause it hurts so much. Still have a few weeks left for it to get worse too!!!

Lwatkins Mon 16-Apr-07 14:51:58

One thing I have found that kind of helps is putting on lots of cream to soften your skin up and stop it feeling so tight and uncomfortable. I've got a huge tub of coco butter cream from superdrug that only cost £1.99 and it's been fab. Worth a try

BrownSuga Mon 16-Apr-07 14:57:12

thanks, good to know it's not a weird thing! have been using bio-oil throughout, morning and night. every few weeks, seem to get very stretched feeling, maybe that is in a growth stage. as he's lying across, any movement he makes is VERY uncomfortable, have been exposing belly to light as he doesn't seem to like it and stops moving for a bit!

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