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23 + 5 and bleeding

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Flightsocks Sat 11-Nov-17 11:11:00

Hi, need a hand hold - and possibly a head wobble

I'm 23 + 5 and have been bleeding consistently for 7 weeks now. I'm currently on the ward in hospital after having a fairly heavy bleed on Thursday night.

The bleed started the day after having an amnio (raised nuchal translucency, all results are clear). No one can find the cause but the suggestion is its a bleed from the edge of my placenta (posterior and high).

I'm so fed up! I have a 20 month old at home who I miss and is being very disrupted from not having me home. I had another bleed this morning (doctor says old blood, a fair amount but not as much as Thursday night) and they'll keep me in until it settles. But it hasn't settled for 7 weeks! I'm lucky to have my own room but am left on my own all day. Surely I could be at home? The doctor has said they can't do anything for me until I'm 24 weeks, which is Monday, and even then I think it would only be steroid injections and more monitoring.

This is my 3rd stay in hospital this pregnancy so I'm feeling very fed up. Home is only an 8 minute drive away. Would I be unreasonable to insist on going home today, despite still having some bleeding?

Sorry for the length and the rant!

Bluebirdsky Sat 11-Nov-17 11:16:41

If you wanted to go home they would probably ask you to sign a form to say you were leaving against medical advice but you can do this if you chose to.

The hospital have to advise what they feel is best and although it's unlikely if u were to go home and have a big bleed and your life was put in danger they would possibly be negligent for saying you could go

I know it must be really hard for you, it's such a difficult position to be in, I hope it all settles down soon flowers

Flightsocks Sat 11-Nov-17 11:42:49

Thanks Bluebird

I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself I think. Had a self indulgent cry earlier but feeling a bit better now.

I'll see if I can get the doctor back for another chat. I don't want to discharge myself against medical advice but at the same time I'm not sure I can stand another night in here

BigBaboonBum Sat 11-Nov-17 11:46:38

If it’s an 8 minute drive you couldn’t pay me to stay there! Wouldn’t be a question

Flightsocks Sat 11-Nov-17 12:13:11

Update - have spoken to lovely midwife who is going to relay the above to the doctor and see what they say. She thinks it will be a no but worth an ask!

Bluebirdsky Sat 11-Nov-17 12:23:08

Definitely worth an ask, and you have as many cry's as you need to, it's not self indulgent at all.
If you do have to stay in tonight is there anything you could do to make it slightly easier to bare?
Could you download some films and get your OH or a friend to come in with a takeaway and have a movie night?

thingymaboob Sat 11-Nov-17 12:27:34

As a paramedic I would advise against going home. You might have a bleed and need to wait for an ambulance as you might be too unwell to make your own way. Ambulances are not guaranteed to reach you in time. You might be 8 mins from hospital but if you have a large bleed and need an emergency blood transfusion, this cannot be done at home. I completely understand that you must be fed up! It's awful waiting in hospital. However, I've been to plenty of people who've discharged themselves and been in a worst state because of it. Hospitals are desperate for people to be discharged, so there must be a good reason that you've been asked to stay in.

Flightsocks Sat 11-Nov-17 13:06:39

I'm going home!

The doctor said the advice would be to stay but they're not going to force me. They'll make me an appointment for review in the day clinic next week, will possibly be given steroids then as well.

Thanks Thingymaboob for your advice. I definitely needed to hear that. I'm trying to stay positive about the situation but definitely understand there is a risk to both me and the baby. Will be phoning the labour ward at the first hint of any problems

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