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CherryCokeFairy Thu 09-Nov-17 15:46:24

I'm 11 days late for my period. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and all have been negative... and honestly I don't 'feel' pregnant... but I'm stressing like mad.

We've been careful, I've been on the pill but admittedly we know that isn't 100% for me so we've been either pulling out or wearing a condom for the grand finale...

Whats the likelihood of me not being pregnant at this stage?

I don't have children but have been pregnant before but miscarried... (after debating having an abortion which plays on my mind a lot) during my previous pregnancy I was so sore and achy, pregnancy tests showed up as positive very early (i'm using the same brand of test).

I guess I just want an outlet to write at this stage as I just don't know sad

DeadDoorpost Thu 09-Nov-17 15:52:07

It's not uncommon for periods to go weird. But if you're 11 days late and still getting negatives then it's unlikely, especially as you're on the pill (I do know that you can get pregnant on the pill regardless as my aunt and uncles were the result of failed pills)
If you're really concerned I'd speak to your GP but it might just be that your body is having an off moment.

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