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Can you take too much vitamin D?

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BigBaboonBum Thu 09-Nov-17 11:36:29

Hey everybody, sorry this is my second vitamin post in as many days!
My doctor yesterday (accidentally) prescribed me 20,000 iu of colecalciferol (vitamin D), along with folic acid (which also was the wrong dose so had to have it redone). Anyway i knew why I had the folic acid as I needed a dose that’s prescription only, but I asked why I was taking vitamin D - did I have a deficiency? and the receptionist said she didn’t know for sure but yes probably, make sure I take it and she will get back to me... so I had a call back today saying the doctor said I had to take X amount of vitamin D and it was easier to just take one a month of the 20,000... but I already take my pregnacare vitamin which should be fine if I don’t have a deficiency. So is this safe? When I asked she said I best ask my midwife but I’m not seeing my midwife for awhile, I’ve never even met her before because I went to a different place for my booking appointment... so she said just wait until my scan next week and ask somebody then hmm

Is anybody any wiser than I am about vitamin D? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you smile

JoJoSM2 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:52:05

Vit D accumulates in the system so any access doesn't go anywhere. However, it is recommended to have it in winter and also recommended to supplement if you're pregnant. Having said that, being on a high dose, I'd expect to be sent for regular blood tests to check the levels.

I found that in winter I had shockingly low vit D despite taking a multivitamin that supposedly contained 100% of the daily requirement. However, at other times of the year I had very high vit D because of just exposing my skin to the sun daily (having lunch outside in a sleeveless top, jogging in shorts etc)

As your doctor sounds quite confused themselves so I'd insist on a blood test.

mindutopia Thu 09-Nov-17 12:30:26

If you don't have a deficiency, I wouldn't take more than the recommended amount (which is I think something like 10-12 mcg a day). The high potency ones are for people who are vitamin d deficient (at risk of developing rickets or having other actual symptoms). If you have no reason to believe your levels are low, I would stick with the recommended amount. Vitamin d is fat soluble, meaning your body can't flush out any excess if you are getting too much. I don't know that taking too much can cause any harm (taking too much vitamin a for instance can be toxic for baby and cause neurological damage in fetuses), but if you don't need it, I wouldn't take the chance. I would just carry on with the pregnacare.

BigBaboonBum Thu 09-Nov-17 13:12:02

Thank you for the replies.
I already took the initial 20,000 iu dose when I was told I had been prescribed it (it didn’t dawn on me that a doctor could get it wrong, i was just slightly confused but the receptionist assured me it was correct), so I just won’t take another next month I suppose.
I had my bloods done at the booking appointment at 8/9 weeks and from what the receptionist said (after talking to the doctor about my concerns) I’m not deficient in vitamin d at all (after telling me I probably was when I asked why on a previous phone call) but the doctor just didn’t know I was already taking vitamin D, as she didn’t know what was in pregnacare, hmm . So I seem to have been doubled up.
I’m supposed to be on 5mg extra folic acid but she prescribed me a normal 1 a day 400microgram dose too (unsure why I’d need this prescribed, unless she assumed I was getting my basic vitamins and was trying to help by throwing the vitamin d in there? Although she could have just read the notes but I don’t know how it works) it’s apparently been fixed but now I have to find time to go pick it up before it closes

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