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The indignities of pregnancy - which have you suffered/avoided?

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TheVoiceOfTreason Thu 09-Nov-17 09:19:15

Which have you suffered from so far? Which have you managed to avoid so far? I'll start -

1. Belly buttons - my innie is now an outie. The horror. My husband says it looks like it's trying to heal over (I.e so I don't have a belly button any more!)

2. Linea Nigra - in my case quite faint, but bonus points for the fact that mine somehow misses my belly button. Wtf? Is this normal? It's straight and central, until it reaches my belly button, then it bends to the side, goes to the edge of my belly button, then goes back to being straight/central again the other side. So weird. And so in keeping with my poor sens of direction/spatial awareness.

3. Baby brain. The other day I managed to change a bed without actually taking the sheet off, and just put the new one on on top of the old one without realising it. I then got really confused when I emptied the washing machine and the sheet wasn't in there with the duvet cover and pillow cases. Skills.

4. Wind. No explanation needed. shock

5. Tiredness/unfitness - since when did I become someone for whom walking up the stairs to leave the tube station was enough to leave me completely exhausted?!

And some I've avoided so far -
Stretch marks (fingers crossed it remains that way)
Morning sickness (ditto)

Anyone else?

Expectingbsbunumber2 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:47:49

My belly button is on it's way to popping, my linea nigra is very faint too and also kisses out my belly button but continues after it. I've got quite a few stretch marks but my partner calls them my tiger stripes! 😊 Walking up stairs I can sympathise with too and the tiredness. X

Expectingbsbunumber2 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:48:41

Misses not kisses 😂

Foggymist Thu 09-Nov-17 12:48:12

I'm 38+5 into my second pregnancy and I've never had someone examine further down than my bump, I think it's quite impressive to be nearly through two pregnancies with not one internal examination! Closest was catheter being inserted befpre emcs last time.

I don't think something little like linea negra counts as an indignity?? I had one last time but not this time. No stretch marks either, this time I have some tiny skin tags but they're so small I've just pulled them off blush

LapinR0se Thu 09-Nov-17 13:05:24

33+4 here. I’ve had
- Morning sickness in first trimester that made me wet myself while puking. At work with no spare clothes.
- Fainting twice while out at dinner with (different) friends due to low blood pressure which is safer than high but feels awful
- hairy tummy
- giant dark nipples
I’m soooo attractive

TheVoiceOfTreason Thu 09-Nov-17 18:37:56

Lapinrose - Oh bless you re the morning sickness where you actually wet yourself because you were so poorly!! That's so harsh. You poor thing. sad

Inability to bend over properly is another one. Even doing up my shoe laces now requires me to sit down and lift my leg to the side of me, rather than in front of me, in a frog like manner. Elegant!! 🙈

Brook450 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:53:11

These are making me laugh so much. I’m 27 weeks. My biggest indignity has got to be wind. There have been more nights than I can bring myself to count where I’ve woken myself up with a fart and I’m 100% sure DH has heard. I pretend to still be asleep and he’s too much of a gentleman to mention it. It makes me feel disgusting blush

BigBaboonBum Thu 09-Nov-17 20:21:20

Lol @Brook450 this makes me laugh! Honestly before I got pregnant I used to try make my farts sound quieter by controlling it if I HAD to do one, I used to make a deal out of it as though I didn’t fart much (I did in private obviously but... ladies don’t fart!) anyway now I don’t care, I have the biggest most disgusting earth shattering farts that could rival any mans... then I tell him he did this to me so he can shush smile

anothernetter Thu 09-Nov-17 20:30:30

The worst thing I got was piles. It was horrendous but luckily they disappeared a couple of months after I had my baby. When I got them I did a bit of online research and found out they are quite common so if any pregnant ladies out there with piles are reading this - you are not alone and they often go after you have had your baby!

sentenceinterrupted Thu 09-Nov-17 20:35:55

Another ... dh was told to look by midwife as dc2 was crowning (I was on all fours in pool). He thought my piles were dc2’s head. How he thought this I still don’t know. He wasn’t a first timer either.

I poo’d in a pool all 3 dc births blush

NerdyViking Thu 09-Nov-17 21:28:22

Am 38+4 now, Let’s see...

- horrendous nausea & vomiting first half of pregnancy. Ditto on the vomming til you wet yourself! Ended up wearing pads for quite a while!

- baby brain! Took leftover pizza to work for lunch, then at lunch time thought I’d left it at home. Got home and proceeded to look all over the house for it before remembering that I’d put it in the fridge at work that morning!

- so much farting 😳😣 luckily my oh isn’t fussed by it

-breathlessness - walk up the stairs and have to sit down

- can’t tolerate sweeteners, which means half the stuff I used to drink is off the menu

- recently developed stretchmarks, was rather annoyed as I’ve almost got to the end and had half convinced myself that I’d gotten away without them

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