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No heart beat.

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Ilovechocolate111 Wed 08-Nov-17 21:19:02

I had a misscarrage on the 4th September did a test 2 weeks later and it was negative.
I did a test on the 3rd October and it was positive.
I went for a scan today and they didn't find a heart beat and said I was 6 weeks.
How far would i be?
Could I be 6 weeks and its to early to see anything.
I just want reassurances.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this and had a good outcome.

My heads a mess. X

InThisTogether Thu 09-Nov-17 00:18:48

I'm sorry OP I can't help with dates etc but I know that not seeing a heartbeat at 6 weeks is possible and that they don't always show up that early even if all is well.
Good luck x

Hannabee123 Thu 09-Nov-17 00:43:05

I got scanned at 6 weeks ish and no heart beat but there was something there. They said they don't really scan women early as there isn't much to see. I had a follow up scan at just after 8 weeks and saw a tiny flicker.
Could be fine please try not to stress too much

DueNov Thu 09-Nov-17 04:17:53

I was 5-6 weeks and there was a heart beat x

LookImAHooman Thu 09-Nov-17 05:59:12

You may well only be six weeks. Nobody can say here when you ovulated but a mc can easily mess up your next cycle dates. A hb often isn’t seen until after seven weeks. Good luck x

JoJoSM2 Thu 09-Nov-17 08:41:44

For you to be 6 weeks, you would need to have conceived 4 weeks ago. That doesn’t tally up with your positive pregnancy test on 03/10. The only possibility would have been for that positive not to work out and for you to get pregnant a week later. Not sure how likely that it, though.

LookImAHooman Fri 10-Nov-17 04:37:25

Mm, possibly could, tho, just - depends what sensitivity test OP was using.

Blackcatonthesofa Fri 10-Nov-17 06:48:02

There has to be a heartbeat at 8 weeks. If they can't see it at 8 you can forget it. Before 8 weeks it's possible that they just can't see it on the scan.

I know you want reassurances, but there really are none till you hold a healthy baby in your arms. I'm sorry that you have to go through this stressful period and I hope that all will be well. flowers

zaalitje Fri 10-Nov-17 07:37:38

If you did a test on 3rd October you should be about 10 weeks by now.
Did they say the scan measured you at 6 weeks?

Ilovechocolate111 Fri 10-Nov-17 10:08:31

That's correct they measured me at 6weeks.
She didn't tell me anything just that there was no heart beat and I'm 6 weeks. So I'm so confused xx

EastDulwichWife Fri 10-Nov-17 18:17:19

When do they want you to go back OP? How did you leave it?

zaalitje Fri 10-Nov-17 18:32:54

ilove was the scan a private one or at a hospital?

If at a hospital did they say they'd check again in a week or so? I had similar when I had my mac, the hospital asked me me to come back 2 weeks later to check for growth, they were convinced that I had my dates wrong.

If it was a private scan you need to get in touch with your EPU, they'll be able to offer advice.

Good luck

Ilovechocolate111 Fri 10-Nov-17 19:00:56

It was at the hospital not private and they want me to go back in 3 weeks to rescan. I no my dates are not wrong too so I'm dreading it xx

zaalitje Fri 10-Nov-17 20:25:37

Lovely, my heart goes out to you.

I had the same experience with my mmc, I knew my dates were right but they didn't believe me. It was set are you and frustrating at the same time, and you still have that tiny spot of hope.

Be kind to yourself

Ilovechocolate111 Fri 10-Nov-17 20:59:28

It's finally sunk in. I feel like I'm having a mental break down.
I'm actually brought myself to explain to husband why I no it's bad news and walked away crying his eyes out now I can't stop crying. I can't do it anymore...
I never ever cry. It's always stays locked away in my head but this time it's really killing me! sad

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