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Unsure about how I feel to find out I'm pregnant..

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BrownEyes421 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:33:53

I've just done a pregnancy test at home which has come out positive. Me and my partner both agreed we wanted to try for a baby and I'm thrilled about the result however there are some circumstances which are making me a bit apprehensive about it all. My son is only 5 months old and although we wanted them to be close in age we probably didn't mean this close! I haven't actually had a period since August 2016 so I have no way of judging how far along I am but the symptoms are very much like when I found out I was pregnant with my son so I would only say a couple of weeks. I have so many worries going through my head and now feel slightly silly to think this was a good idea to he pregnant so soon... has anyone been through this or anything similar

Hulaballoo Tue 07-Nov-17 19:10:39

I think it's totally natural to be feeling this way, it's a close age gap but do-able. Maybe you're still in a bit of shock that it's happened so soon? Deep breaths and talk it through with your partner in how things will work... You may just need a bit of time to digest. Big hugs x

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Tue 07-Nov-17 19:24:55

How you're feeling is completely normal, any pregnancy, whether thrilled to see a positive or not is always going to be a huge shock.

I had my first baby 10 months ago via emergency c section. Little bub was about three and a half months old when I discovered we were expecting again!

I was terrified. I was suffering with post natal depression brought on by the c section. I was worrying about my body as it had no way finished healing properly by that point and of course, both DP and myself panicked about the financial aspect and the general "how the fuck are we gonna cope with two babies born 12 months apart?!"

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet our newest addition. It took me a few months to get properly excited about this baby and it took my partner even longer. We wasn't upset by the prospect that our family was growing, it was just a massive, massive surprise that really took us aback. DP is now as happy and eager as I am about this pregnancy.

It'll take time for it all to sink in and for you all to adjust, but if I managed to get over my post natal depression and look forward to having two babies incredibly close in age, I'm sure you will too! X

BrownEyes421 Tue 07-Nov-17 20:22:41

@AutumnLeavesandCandleLights I too had an emergency c-section and that is one of my concerns. What are you birthing plans for this baby? & also did you have a period between have your baby and finding out you were pregnant? How did you go about estimating how far along you were?

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Tue 07-Nov-17 22:45:51

I'm aiming for a VBAC but preparing myself for what I feel will be an inevitable emergency c section again. My hopes aren't high for a vaginal birth being successful, but I think I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

I'm pretty sure I had two periods, it might have been just one, i can't fully remember.
I just dated it from last missed period which would have set my due date as the 6th January 2018. 12 week dating scan gave us a due date of the 7th January so pretty spot on!

BrownEyes421 Tue 14-Nov-17 20:57:05

That's good that there have been no complications due to the c-section! I have the booking app with the midwife on Thursday and she's going to press for a scan as soon as possible as I haven't had a period since when I got pregnant with my soon back in August 2016..

However I didn't start to notice any symptoms until last week which were very similar to my last and I was 5 weeks when I found out with him so I imagine I'm around that mark now.. also did a pregnancy test on the 15th October which was negative so either definitely wasn't pregnant then or was too early to show up on the test!!!

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