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Maternity Allowance

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KCpip Tue 07-Nov-17 16:34:06

Just a quick question to find out how everyone is finding maternity allowance waiting times at the moment. I got a text about 4 or 5 days after sending my claim in that said not to contact them and it could take up to 24 days. I’m not quite at the 24 day mark, if I go from the text date. Just starting to feel a bit nervy waiting to hear back and wondered if anyone has any recent experience applying. I live in Scotland btw.

katmarie Tue 07-Nov-17 16:56:13

Hi, I put my application in on the 11th October, got my documents back and a text acknowledging it the next day. I got a text confirming it had been awarded 23 days after that. I'm in the west midlands, if it's relevant.

KCpip Tue 07-Nov-17 17:39:54

Thanks! Maybe location doesn’t matter but wondered if there might be regional variations. I didn’t get my docs back which I thought was a bit odd as I sent in my MATB1 and payslips. I guess I need to sit tight for another week to see if I hear back!

Akire Tue 07-Nov-17 17:42:04

Why the worry? It’s not like a disability benefit it is. If
You have been working the right amount of hours you get it?

katmarie Tue 07-Nov-17 17:43:44

I only got the payslips back, I think they keep the Mat1B form as my midwife told me to keep a few copies just in case i needed it for anything.

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