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Five days late

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PerfectlyPosed Tue 07-Nov-17 15:11:38

DP and I have been trying for our second baby for the last four months or so. Every month before now, my menstrual cycle has been like clockwork. Normally I have a bit of a show before it arrives on the exact day it's due (28 day cycle). However, I was due last Thursday and there is still absolutely no sign. I have tested three times now. Twice with cheaper tests and once last night with a ClearBlue digital. Where is it?! And at what point do I book a doctor's appointment?

Expectingbsbunumber2 Tue 07-Nov-17 15:34:52

I was around 5 days late when I was thinking I was pregnant as like you my period was always on time. If you've done 3 tests and they are all positive then call the docs this week and they will refer you to a midwife.

PerfectlyPosed Tue 07-Nov-17 15:39:55

Sorry, the tests are all coming back as negative.

Expectingbsbunumber2 Tue 07-Nov-17 15:47:34

Why don't you try testing again in a couple of days, I didn't test until day 7.

PerfectlyPosed Tue 07-Nov-17 16:06:17

I was planning to test again with a digital tomorrow morning. I'm just surprised it's taking this long to show a positive. I am 99.9% certain I am pregnant but I'm sure I tested only a day or two after when pregnant with my DD.

Expectingbsbunumber2 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:13:08

It sounds more than likely you are if your period is always on time. Why don't you go to the docs and see if they can test there?

PerfectlyPosed Tue 07-Nov-17 16:19:34

Is that something they will do? I thought they would just tell me to go home and do a normal pregnancy test?

Expectingbsbunumber2 Tue 07-Nov-17 20:13:41

I'm not sure, take another test in a few days and see. Hope everything works out for you

Hulaballoo Tue 07-Nov-17 20:16:32

Cb digi need more hcg... Not always reliable early on. Best to test with a first response early result test. Good luck x

NeonSun Fri 10-Nov-17 08:26:55

If you had such a stable cycle during all your life, than it's a great possibility thet you're really pregnant. But I didn't understand, were all your tests negative?
I think that it's better to repeat testing with several ones again but later at least for a couple of days. As I know these tests are effective starting from 6-10 day so maybe that's only source of the problem. However it happens sometimes when a woman can be pregnant but tests don't show this, maybe you belong to this rare group? hmm For example, one of my friends had the same story...
Than it's really better to visit doc or you can use a special online type which gynecologists use in their work too. It's a similiar one which is usually used by them for identifying early pregnancy.
I think that you can consult with doctor right during this week and make also a blood test for being totally sure smile

PerfectlyPosed Fri 10-Nov-17 12:56:55

Thank you NeonSun. Yes, all five of the tests I have taken have come back as negative. I am now on day 8 and no sign but I feel pregnant today in that I'm nauseous and light headed, etc.

I spoke to a doctor yesterday who really just said to wait it out but I will also look at the link you provided.

I know several PP have said that I'm probably not pregnant but I know my body and it is unheard of for me to be this late in my cycle.

TheVanguardSix Fri 10-Nov-17 12:59:21

Probably not pregnant. sad
Try a first response test.

BabyOrSanta Fri 10-Nov-17 13:00:28

Would the doctor be willing to do a blood test if AF hasn't shown up by next week?

Hulaballoo Fri 10-Nov-17 13:15:15

I've been 9 days later before.... But I would Def get a first response and test

PerfectlyPosed Fri 10-Nov-17 15:12:24

I have done a first response test but will do another one in the morning. I don't know at what point the doctor will do a blood test but I will call again if I get to 14 days over and still nothing.

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