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Can't wait to meet my baby!

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InThisTogether Tue 07-Nov-17 14:17:03

Hi all,
I'm currently 35 weeks with DC1. It took us a good 4 years ttc before we got our bfp and I honestly thought it would never happen!

Now I am so very massive and, yes, uncomfy and peeing all night and can't roll over in bed and so on and so on but (controversial!) I DON'T CARE!
Because in a few short weeks I'm going to be someone's mum and I can't wait to hold my baby and smell it's little smell and see it's little face!

I don't know why I'm posting this really but I'm just hoping other people out there feel the same!

Leeela Tue 07-Nov-17 17:06:53

Aww what a lovely post! smile

Yes, I feel just the same! Such a special time, and I just can't wait to finally meet little baba!

cherryontopp Tue 07-Nov-17 17:16:50

Nearly 3 of ttc and IVF here, and I too cant wait to meet my little one in February smile
I do care about the itchy nipples, pelvic pain and no sleep though sad

RaeCJ82 Tue 07-Nov-17 17:22:10

I felt the same when I was pregnant with DD. I loved being pregnant, even towards the end when I was swigging Gaviscon out of the bottle and knew it’d be worth it when DD was born.

scoutcat Tue 07-Nov-17 17:22:53

Awww a lovely post! Congratulations on your baby!

I’m also really excited about smelling their smell, everyone thinks it’s weird!

RaeCJ82 Tue 07-Nov-17 17:25:32

Not weird at all Scout! smile

Itsjustaphase84 Tue 07-Nov-17 17:26:28

This is nice. I'm 33w and the tiredness has overcome me unexpectedly. I finish in a couple of weeks.

This is dc 2 and despite all the niggling issues im going to saviour that this is likely to be the last time I'll be pregnant.

I have a friend who was ttc for over 2 years and due her dc soon. I'm so happy for her I cry a little at times. May happy endings reach all x

twinkledag Tue 07-Nov-17 17:27:30

Same here!

Took us over 2.5 years and IVF to conceive DS, couldn’t wait for him to be born!

Enjoy, it’s a special time ☺️

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Tue 07-Nov-17 17:34:11

I'm excited to meet my dc2, but it hardly seems real! I think with a toddler running around and work, I've had so little time to think about this one!

Despite lack of sleep, pelvic pain etc. it did occur to me the other day that I'm not planning on doing this again and that I should try to enjoy it!

InThisTogether Tue 07-Nov-17 18:23:15

Thanks for all the replies... All of my friends (the ones who have kids already) were telling me 'oh you'll hate the last few weeks' and were all doom and gloom.

Admittedly I've had to slow down (finished working 2 weeks ago as I'm self employed and realised I was soooooo slow I was totally unproductive!) but I figure even if we get lucky enough to have another one I'm never going to feel like this again so I'm appreciating the waddling and slow pottering as much as I can.

Scout my NCT teacher told me that the smell of your baby (as opposed to babies in general) releases the happy chemical oxytocin which triggers mothering instincts and encourages you to produce more milk. So sniff away!

It just seems very soon now and I'm feeling ready (ish) and very excited!

Expectingbsbunumber2 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:26:07

I'm 33 weeks I'm the same can't wait too meet my little boy, this is my second and my first is a girl so I will have one of each 😊

Sakura03 Wed 08-Nov-17 11:21:30

I’m 39 weeks 1d and had an early miscarriage in May 2015 and then nothing for nearly two years, ttc nearly became everything I could think about and we had all the test available on the NHS which didn’t find any issues. Today I’m having a chilled day at home but otherwise I go into town for a bit of retail therapy and coffee & cake/lunch most days (3rd week off work) - went to see A Bad Moms Christmas yesterday, up until this week I’ve been cycling to most places as sometimes this is more comfortable due to PGP.
Still can’t believe I’m nearly there😊

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