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Can’t rule out labour

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cakesandphotos Tue 07-Nov-17 13:41:08

I’ve been feeling crappy and weird for a few days now. Like period pains but not painful, more uncomfortable. Then today I started feeling pressure in my bottom so I rang the midwives for some advice. I was told it could be a urine infection so to go and have a test but that she can’t rule out labour. I was hoping to be reassured but now I don’t know what to think. I’m 25+4 so still early!

Justmuddlingalong Tue 07-Nov-17 13:44:11

Try not to worry, easy said I know. Get a urine test done and take it from there. flowers

cakesandphotos Tue 07-Nov-17 15:34:05

They dipped my urine sample and have decided it needs to be sent off. So no answers really. DH has managed to talk me down a bit and I know if I was in labour I would be a lot more uncomfortable but I’m struggling to relax now

Justmuddlingalong Tue 07-Nov-17 18:23:33

When will you get the results?

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