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trina94 Mon 06-Nov-17 16:35:37

Hi, I found that i was pregnant the 2nd week in October (I was late on my period over a week) I done 3 home pregnancies test which confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. The first week after finding out I was pregnant was okay however the going into the second week I started spotting which was a Monday 21st Oct ( I read was normal unless I got any pains or the bleeding got heavier) the first day I was spotting it was very light pink and there was hardly any blood but by the end of the week it got heavier and I was getting slight pains which I ended up going to A&E on the 26th Oct which then told me at that time i was till pregnant and told me to go the early pregnancy unit which I did a few days after. On the 30th Oct i went to the early pregnancy unit i done a home pregnancy test and it showed I was pregnant, when I got seen at the hospital and explained the situation they done a vaginal scan which showed that I had clots. That i miscarriage which was not complete as yet they also done a blood test the same day and the next day they called me saying my progesterone level was high but my pregnancy level was very low, they said I should stop bleeding in a few days to a few weeks and to take a another pregnancy test to confirm if i'm pregnant or not.
Currently i'm still bleeding very little. I just wanted some advice as I have read that when your misscarry there's meant to be clots and some white discharge (there was hardly any clots that I saw and they was small, similar to the ones i get when i am on my period) and very bad pain (out of the days i started bleeding i can say i only had pain 3-4 days on and off) I was more concerned about the blood more than the little pain (even though the pain was quite bad when I did get pains)

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