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Polyp/fibroid on cervix

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HanMay1 Sun 05-Nov-17 18:43:54


I was wondering if anybody has had the same experience as me... I am 21+4 with my first baby and have had bright red bleeding on and off since 9 weeks, which has been very heavy at times but light at others.
I have been checked each time and I'm being seen by colposcopy and they have put it down to a polyp/fibroid (they can't say exactly what it is) on my cervix which has not caused any problems for baby but have to be monitored each time. I have been admitted to hospital overnight twice now only to be sent away in the morning with the advice that there is nothing they can do and that I will be 'very lucky' not to bleed again and to keep in touch.
I am due to see colposcopy again at 25 weeks where they may biopsy which could result in heavy bleeding and possibly a risk of miscarriage/premature labour.
Has anybody else been in the same position? Has it got worse with gestation? I am worried each time I go to the bathroom in case I have bled again and have to go back to the hospital.
Any advice would be great but if not I hope this helps someone who is in the same situation as would be happy to let you know how it progresses

Sunshinesaz86 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:13:23

Hi hanmay I'm in a similar ish boat. Had a bleed at 12 weeks and spotted for nearly 5 weeks after. They checked cervix and have spotted a polyp/growth or something so I've been referred to colposcopy but my appointment isn't until December and I'll be approx 24 weeks if they suggest a biopsy I will be telling them id rather wait until I've had the baby (beginning of April) as what's 3 months in the grand scheme of things.

Your obviously a bit different as more bleeding and hospital admissions so I do hope things settle down for you soon. X

HanMay1 Sun 05-Nov-17 22:17:32

Hi, yes, yours does seem to be a little more settled than mine but it can still be a scary thing any bleeding you get! I think they wait until 24 weeks as the foetus is then 'viable' and there is a higher chance of survival if you do bleed. I think I got seen quickly as my bleeds have been significant.
Were you given any advice after you bleed of what to/not to do? The only thing they have suggested is avoid sex, but nothing else. I just hope it all settles.
Good luck, I'm due mid March so not too soon before you

FeatheredTail Mon 06-Nov-17 07:29:48

Hi there, I had a polyp which caused a bleed at 16w. I had no idea what was causing the bleed, rushed to EPU, was examined by not one, but two doctors - who gave nothing away in terms of what they were looking at - and before I knew it had whipped it out! The nurse told me afterwards what it was and that it had been removed.

I don't know if this was a risky move by the consultant, but I bled overnight in hospital and then that was it - no bother after that.

Is having it taken out an option do you think? The stress of seeing blood whilst pregnant must be horrible for you.

Jessiecat27 Mon 06-Nov-17 10:53:06

I had a polyp removed, they didn't tell me it could of caused any damage getting it removed, bled a little after but not much, I was terrified! I'm 38+3 now though and not had any bleeding since then

HanMay1 Mon 06-Nov-17 17:59:40

That's reassuring! I would prefer to have it removed if it isn't likely to cause a problem for the baby as it is pretty stressful each time I bleed, plus I have been told by work if I need to have time off for it in future it may have to be taken off my maternity leave which I really don't want. I'll see what happens in a few weeks when I go in. Thanks for the info

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