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user1509894600 Sun 05-Nov-17 15:50:18

I'm 36 weeks + 1 day, my consultant wants me to have a c-section this week, before or on Saturday, I'll get a date on Tuesday though! It's all gunna be very rushed and I'm so scared sad what can I expect please?

I also have a 2 year old son who is very clingy and a proper "mummies boy", I'm worried about how he is going to react, please can someone give some advice x

Greymoon2016 Sun 05-Nov-17 16:42:14

Hello I've had both my children by c section first was an emergency and quite traumatic for me but I opted for the second one and the worst bit for me was the needle in my hand and back other than that it was lovely and calm I got to meet the staff and they all chatted to me before hand explained what would happen.
Honestly planned hands down is much calmer than an emergency. My recovery was slower but I was told to expect that due to having had two c sections. Hope it all goes well for you X

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Sun 05-Nov-17 17:39:56

I've not experienced a planned c section, but did have an emergency one 10 months ago. I did struggle, both during the op and afterwards. Whilst they was delivering my son, I was so upset and was just crying and shaking the whole time - but that was obviously because I wasn't expecting to have a caesarean at all so wasn't prepared and just felt totally overwhelmed. Pain wise whilst they was operating I didn't feel a thing. I had an epidural and a spinal and was numb from what felt like the neck down. I didn't even feel any pushing or pulling - the first I knew that my son was out of me was when he started crying!

Recovery wise, for me, wasn't great. I was sore for what felt like ages, but I've spoken with others who have had emergency c sections and they was up and about much quicker than I was.
A lot of it depends on the reason a c section was needed and how the cut was put back together. Mine was stapled so the metal staples were constantly being tugged by the dressing of the tape which was pretty nasty.

I have heard though that planned c sections are supposed to be a breeze. The general consensus seems to be that recovery is a lot quicker and smoother which is obviously ideal for those with other children at home.

I'm due in 9 weeks and am being given the option to either have a planned c section or try for a vaginal and I'm still on the fence!

mummyG2C Sun 05-Nov-17 18:17:30

Just for reassurance I had an emergency section with my daughter last year, she was undiagnosed breech and I was at 7cms before anyone realises. Even though it was an emergency and I had been in labour for a day or so I can honestly say it was a really great experience! The staff were lovely and the whole thing was painless and comfortable and everybody made it as nice as experience as the could have. The recovery was fine, my sister had a forceps delivery a few months ago and has taken her a lot longer to recover and she has a lot more after birth complications, compared to me who two weeks later was almost like normal and no issues afterwards. My daughter was taken away first of all and I lost a fair amount of blood but still can’t complain everybody was lovely. It wasn’t what I imagined but wasn’t bad at all. The stay on the ward afterwards was not great I just wanted to get home and they were a bit useless! Get some meals delivered and make sure you have plenty of bottles of water/drink as that will help massively! I am now 21 weeks with second and although will probably go for trying a VBAC purely for recovery/hospital visit I wouldn’t hesitate to have another section if needed! Hope it goes well!

xxOscarOakleysMummyxx Sun 05-Nov-17 21:10:19

I'm just so scared, baby has been breech until 34 weeks which is when he turnt head down! Last week on Tuesday we got a scan which shown he was still head down and 3/5 engaged so I was expecting to have a vaginal birth! Then on the Thursday we got told he's breech with some complications so they want me to deliver ASAP and I'm just not prepared for a c-section sadxx

DuggeeHugs Sun 05-Nov-17 22:56:24

flowers it's not what you expected but that doesn't mean you can't have a lovely delivery.

Both my DCs were CS deliveries (DC1 EMCS and DC2 ELCS) and both were wonderful births.

When DC2 was born in July, DC1 was not quite 2yo and really quite clingy.

The ELCS itself was fine - a really nice theatre team supported us. DD was skin to skin in theatre and breastfeeding in recovery. I was up and around hours later and discharged 24 hours after her birth. This was a huge relief as I was anxious to get back to DS.

The recovery was fine physically - the tricky bit was helping DS adjust to me not being able to lift him for a while. I realise you don't have much time, but start preparing him now that you'll be poorly and won't be able to lift for a bit. Have a think about meal/bath/bed times - how much lifting do you normally do? How much help will you have at home generally? Then think about any step/climb solutions you can have in place before you go into hospital, e.g., teaching DS to use a step stool at bath time. I found it useful to put lots of cushions on the sofa for support then having DS climb up beside me for a cuddle. I tried to time it so I was able to do his bedtime story each night just the two of us. I was also present for as much of his usual routine as possible, even though I couldn't do much initially.

The first couple of weeks were hardest in terms of both physical recovery and adjustment (toddlers not being known for their patience and understanding!) but you'll find it passes swiftly. DD is almost 4mo now and I've realised that those adjustments after the CS have helped DS become more self-sufficient which is an unexpected bonus.

For yourself:
If you have a downstairs loo, stock it with pads/spare undies (granny pants are your unlikely friend here) /bathroom bits so you don't have to make lots of trips up and downstairs during the day
Set up a changing station downstairs and upstairs, again to minimise trips
Keep up with your pain relief
Walk tall and lie flat
Accept help and ask if needed

Good luck smile

lorisparkle Sun 05-Nov-17 23:13:00

I have had 3 planned c-sections all for different reasons. With the first I struggled with the idea of it but then decided that the important thing was getting the baby out safely for him and me. Once I mentally accepted the idea of them they were very positive experiences. I luckily had good support from my mum and dh but soon was able to cope with a 4 year old, 2 year old and a new born when I had my third c-section. Make sure you have enough food in your hospital bag and some comfortable clothes for your time in hospital. Try and get moving fairly quickly but take it slow and steady. Take all painkillers offered and ask for help when needed. Another benefit is that you can get childcare in place for the delivery as the date is planned. Much easier! Good luck

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