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Stemetil for morning sickness

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babysunshine20 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:46:22

Hi ladies, has any one tried Stemetil for their morning sickness in pregnancy and has it worked for them? My doctor has given it to me to try out x

seizethecuttlefish Fri 03-Nov-17 19:07:44

Hi, worked in my first pregnancy but not this time. Luckily there are a few options and i eventually ended up with a combination that works. There are a few options. Hope it works for you. If you want help and advice there is a great hypermesis support thread on Mumsnet.

Ameliablue Fri 03-Nov-17 20:18:07

I've had hyperemesis and stemetil tablets did nothing.
If that is what you are on and they aren't working, do go back to your doctor as there are other options.

Wellonlyifihavetoo Fri 03-Nov-17 20:24:47

I’m suffering from hg and am taking stemetil x2 and ondansetron x1 daily. I take 2 ondansetron if I need to tho. It’s about finding the right combo if it’s really bad 😷

thingymaboob Sun 05-Nov-17 09:31:33

They didn't do a thing for me! I take cyclizine and ondansetron. How often are you being sick? Are you able to tolerate food / fluids?

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