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Diabetic and pregnant

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marylouise85 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:37:24

So I went to the doctors on Monday as I thought I had a water infection I left the doctors being told I was diabetic and pregnant..... I’ve had a whirl wind of appointments since.... and to be honest I’m absolutely petrified and still trying to get my head round things.... I’ve had gestational diabetes before but by the looks if things I was diabetic before pregnancy.... how have other diabetic mums coped with pregnancy? confusedx

ZylaB Thu 02-Nov-17 15:48:51

I'm assuming type 2 if you had gestational diabetes before? You need to be really on top of your sugars, so get testing. Have they prescribed any medication? You should be immediately referred to a specialist diabetes antenatal team at your hospital who will be able to give you good advice, but look up low GI diet for now to try and keep sugars a bit more stable.
Also you should be on the strong folic acid tablets 5mg as some diabetics don't absorb it as well.

It really is important to be on top of it (I'm type one and pregnant with hopefully my second live child, 4th pregnancy. It's full on but worth it.)

marylouise85 Thu 02-Nov-17 16:23:56

Yes it’s type 2 I saw the diabetic team in antenatal today.... I’ve been given insulin and tablets and sugar testing starts at tea tonight and I did wonder why I was prescribed folic acid so thanks for that.... I’m so sorry you’ve suffered loss I myself have also suffered miscarriage to..... I know my sugars won’t go down instantly but I’m hoping within this next week I might be seeing results from my change of diet and medication..... my son from previous pregnancy was so poorly I really am willing to do anything this time I couldn’t bare putting my baby and myself through that again.... how far into your pregnancy are you now x

FangsAlot Thu 02-Nov-17 16:27:43

Try diabetes UK website, lots of info and a forum there with a pregnancy section, so you can get some support and advice from others who are going/or been through this. You should find it very helpful smile

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