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After birth advice

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firsttimemum97 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:03:36

Before this pregnancy I used to take the combined pill, I stopped a year before conceiving. Im not exactly an expert in contraception so a little advice would be a massive help. After giving birth I've been told not to have unprotected sex for 6 weeks due to being extremely fertile. I wondered if this was true and whether it's okay to start taking the pill when my baby arrives or will it mess with breast feeding etc? I'd ask my midwife but I won't see her for two weeks and I'm slightly stressing about it! smile

Spam88 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:10:52

Oestrogen interferes with breastfeeding I believe, but you’ll be okay to go on the mini pill. I think you can’t take it until 4 weeks after the birth or something like that though. You can of course have sex with barrier methods though.

Lozmatoz Wed 01-Nov-17 18:49:02

Speak to your GP.

MagicMoneyTree Wed 01-Nov-17 19:28:02

Well it would have been impossible for us to conceive during those “extremely fertile” 6 weeks due to not dtd till DS was 9 weeks. Could you have some emergency condoms just in case and wait for your 6 week docs appt and get the mini pill sorted?

LittleWingSoul Wed 01-Nov-17 20:03:52

In all likelihood, you're probably not going to want to dtd for most of those first 6 weeks anyway, as you heal from either a natural birth or section, and get to grips with broken sleep! Just have a few condoms to hand for just in case.

GreenGoblin0 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:56:54

the combined pill interferes with breastmilk. you can take the mini pill straight after birth according to this article which also talks about your other options

is everything OK OP? any reason why you are stressing about this when baby is not here yet?

user1493413286 Wed 01-Nov-17 22:30:57

The earliest they’ll prescribe you the pill is at your 6 week check, I’m not entirely sure why but I’d wait until then and just use condoms before but being honest you probably won’t be too bothered about sex in the first few weeks

GreenGoblin0 Wed 01-Nov-17 22:59:25


The earliest they’ll prescribe you the pill is at your 6 week check

according to the NHS article I linked to above this only applies to the combined pill.

firsttimemum97 Wed 01-Nov-17 23:15:45

Thank you for your replies, I will speak to my midwife when I next see her. My boyfriend is very anti condom so the pill is my safest bet! I don't want to have the baby and end up pregnant again without a good couple of years to get my bearings with the first😂

sycamore54321 Wed 01-Nov-17 23:59:48

If you want longer-acting contraception, you could consider a coil which generally give five years protection, and are compatible with breastfeeding.

Are you under pressure to resume sex soon after the birth thouhg? Great if it's your own preference (and don't be worried or concerned if you change your mind afterwards). But if you feel under direct or indirect pressure from your partner, that is really concerning and you should consider seeking support for setting boundaries in your relationship.

Best wishes for a safe healthy pregnancy and birth.

GreenGoblin0 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:58:57

My boyfriend is very anti condom so the pill is my safest bet

hmm well it's not just his decision is it. sounds like a ref flag to me.

GreenGoblin0 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:59:14

*red flag

DumbledoresPensieve Thu 02-Nov-17 09:07:07

Lots of people don't have sex for ages after a baby (10 weeks here, but v traumatic birth) but if you think you might it's sensible to take precautions. You won't get the pill until your six week check, and it has to be a certain kind if you're breastfeeding. It is apparently true that you are super fertile after birth.

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