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Wedding at 32 weeks (twins), what to wear??

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NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 11:47:45

DH and I are going to the wedding of one of his close friends this weekend and I have suddenly had the panicked realisation that I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. I have obviously left this way too late and I am panicking that I won't be able to order anything in time.

I'm 5'6", size 6 in the normal way and will be 32 weeks with twins so I am absolutely HUGE. I have some vaguely smart, very loose dresses I've been wearing for work, but even they are getting tight at the front.

Any thoughts? Any idea where I could look? I haven't seen anything so far! I'm also a bit worried about travelling to this wedding and all the what-ifs, but that's another matter...

NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 12:05:42

Should also say, this is a relatively dressed-up kind of wedding, so it's got to be a proper 'occasion' type of dress!

PragmaticWench Wed 01-Nov-17 12:08:53

If you manage to get to a wedding at 32 weeks with twins then I think the bride and groom should be honoured and you can wear whatever fits!

You don't want to feel scruffy though, so how about a plain dress and eye-catching accessories you could use again?

timeisnotaline Wed 01-Nov-17 12:10:52

I'd look at asos. Lots of occasion dresses and speedy delivery. You can send them back if you think you can work with something you have, but will give you options!

NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 12:14:13

I definitely can't work with anything I have! My work dresses are not dressy enough and yeah, I don't want to feel like a total scruff!
ASOS is a good idea, I will take a look.

katmarie Wed 01-Nov-17 12:23:04

Next maternity have some nice dresses at the moment, or Boohoo. Boohoo also has next day delivery too. Good luck, hope it's a lovely day smile

Brokenbutbreathing Wed 01-Nov-17 12:24:56

You need Isabella Oliver! I wore one of their wrap dresses to a wedding at the same size. And a lot of the dresses you can wear afterwards too.

I would order a selection of dresses from here and/or ASOS on next day delivery, and then return whatever you don’t wear. Sorted!

NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 12:32:28

Oh, this is great! Thx so much. How have I never heard of Isabella Oliver before?!

It will be a lovely day and I just want to look nice for their big day!

Brokenbutbreathing Wed 01-Nov-17 12:57:38

I’m sure you will smile IO is so comfortable too. Good luck!

NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 13:19:11

Thanks smile There is a ceilidh at the wedding and I have a huge weakness for ceilidh dancing (I'm not even Scottish). DH has had to be very strict and say no way, not even one little dance. Such a waste!

Sharl2017 Wed 01-Nov-17 13:25:19

How about Katie pipers maternity collection from wantthattrend? She does some lovely dresses. I'm not far on enough to need maternity clothes yet but they seem lovely!

NW10teacher Wed 01-Nov-17 13:37:42

Will have a look there as well. Thank you for all the tips! I've been panic-searching online and couldn't find ANYTHING.

Monkeypuzzle32 Wed 01-Nov-17 13:44:22

ASOS do maternity bridesmaids dresses that look like occasion wear and Isabella Oliver do jersey full length dresses that you can dress up

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 01-Nov-17 14:57:34

I have a couple of weddings coming up and have a lovely dress from Seraphine. Might also be worth looking at John Lewis - their maternity section includes Isabella Oliver and Seraphine and you can do a click and collect from Waitrose if you have one nearby. They also have a very good returns policy - gives you ages to get stuff back!

Sunshinegirl82 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:02:05

Tiffany Rose and Seraphine. I have worn the Tiffany Rose dress I bought for a wedding to death!

Sunshinegirl82 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:03:57

P.s they have an option for next day delivery

AnUtterIdiot Wed 01-Nov-17 17:23:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Wed 01-Nov-17 17:24:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TitilatedOcelot Wed 01-Nov-17 18:20:29

I went to a winter wedding at around 32 weeks (not twins, though) wore a floaty Grecian style maxi dress from Jojo Maman Bebe which I had already from a summer wedding. I don’t wear maxi dresses usually, as I am too short, but they do work well with a bump!

Agree that the main thing is to make sure there is a chair for you at the bar or wherever. I was fine sat around the table for dinner and speeches, even had a short boogie on the dance floor after, but was a bit stuck when everyone moved on to the bar area as there was no seating and I couldn’t stay on my feet any longer. Felt like a bit of a Billy no mates sitting at the round table on my own waiting for everyone to come back, but had a great time regardless!

Have fun, and hopefully get some nice photos in full bloom!

NW10teacher Thu 02-Nov-17 00:05:26

I've ordered 2 in the end and I'll send back whichever I don't end up choosing. Fingers crossed! Thank you for all the help smile

Nice to hear from sby else who is 32 weeks with twins! I am pretty knackered too, but weirdly I am actually better with walking than standing. I know it's going to be sooo hard to resist doing a little ceilidh in one of the calmer numbers, but I think DH is going to kill me if I try. (We recently rewatched practically all of Downton Abby and I think he is freaked by Lady Mary doing one ceilidh dance and practically going into labour on the spot...)

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