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Cold while pregnant...

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cherryontopp Tue 31-Oct-17 23:42:27

...midwife won't give me flu jab or should I say she says the GP won't give me one cos I've got cold. She said my immune system is down already and it will make me worse.

Thing is, it's been weeks now and if anything its getting worse.

I'm really anxious about this chasing problems with the baby, should I get it anyway?

ArkadyRose Tue 31-Oct-17 23:52:39

No, because you really shouldn't get any vaccine whilst unwell. Particularly when unwell and pregnant. Your immune system is suppressed whilst pregnant to begin with, and your body is actively trying to fight off a virus. That's a really bad time to overload your system with a vaccine on top, and it will very likely affect the baby if you do.

Bluebirdsky Wed 01-Nov-17 06:49:52

Definitely what @ArkadyRose said, maybe talk to your GP if the cold has been going on for that long and is getting worse.
Hope u feel better soon flowers

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