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38 weeks with trace blood and protein in urine

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Salmonpinkcords Tue 31-Oct-17 10:46:35

Just had midwife app and trace blood and urine found in urine sample. Any one had this? What was it? I’m worried I’m so close to due date and getting this. Could it be strep b?
Midwife has sent for further testing and said it could be nothing or strep b, urine infection, etc

Foggymist Tue 31-Oct-17 14:25:36

Might be nothing, both could be gone again at next appt.

DeadDoorpost Tue 31-Oct-17 15:02:51

I had something similar at the beginning (anti bodies or blood I can't remember) but it turned out to be nothing they could place and it's not happened again since.

DeadDoorpost Tue 31-Oct-17 18:12:58

Ok so I've literally just had a urine sample test done by my midwife and I had trace protein in it. It can be caused by a number of things: possibly a sign on preeclampsia but if you're not showing any other signs then it might not be that. Keep an eye out for dizziness or any other signs.
It could also be due to a bit of discharge in your urine when you went to do the same (most likely case for me) or it could be a sign of a UTI but if you're not showing any other symptoms then again it probably isn't that (so burning sensation when you wee etc)
If it's trace amounts it's probably nothing but flowers just in case anything worse comes back for your results.

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