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Small femur and long bones

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c4bbage Mon 30-Oct-17 20:12:36

I had a growth scan today (32+5) as baby was measuring small at 30+6 and was below 5th centile. So after today's scan they have said babies head torso and organs appear to be fine and normal but femur length is below 3rd centile and so are all of the long bones. I'm short and so is my boyfriend so she said this could be the cause but that it could also be skeletal dysplasia-hypochondroplasia (I dont understand what this is!) And could also be assosociated with genetic syndromes oe chromosomal problems. She offered me to go to a further away hospital for a second opinion but I said I'd just see what happened at my nexy scan in 2 weeks. Has anyone else had similar? Im so worried!

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