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NY holday with a 4 month old

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Avocadosmoothie Mon 30-Oct-17 16:39:49

Hi everyone,

I know this isn't quite the right forum to post this message in. I did try one of the parenting forums but I don't think they get as much traffic as this one and I was thinking there might be ladies in here who already have a baby. Thanks to anyone who can help, here is the qu.......

Before I got pregnant, my husband and I booked a 5 night break in NY and my sister is joining us. Now, if everything goes to plan, we would have a 4 month old baby. Would it be very hard to still do this holiday? My sister will be completely understanding and only want to help out with looking after the baby. We mainly wanted to sightsee and weren't planning any nights out. The flight would be 7 hours direct. We're going in October so the weather should be too cold/too hot. My sister doesn't have children or a partner so we would be 3 adults and 1 baby. What do you think?


Grottobags Mon 30-Oct-17 16:41:56

Absolutely doable but you need to invest in a connecta carrier or similar. I wouldn't want to attempt it with a buggy.

readyforapummelling Mon 30-Oct-17 16:42:11

Go for it, 4 months isn’t too young to travel. It’s just the logistical nightmare of buggies, car seats, sterilising etc but if you put your mind to it I don’t see why you shouldn’t go. Maybe invest in a sling carrier?

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