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Advice please

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SpannerH Mon 30-Oct-17 15:11:25

I came off my pill 9th October as me and my OH are wanting to try for a baby. I was expecting a withdrawal bleed as I have experienced every time I have stopped the pill, implant etc. in the 12 years or so I have had periods. We have been having un-protected sex since I came off the pill from the very first night, I have not had a period yet. Then yesterday 20 days after stopping my pill, my IBS set off whilst at a friends house. When I wiped my front there was a very light shade of pink of the tissue. I assumed my period was starting which kicked my IBS off. Anyway, went home to get a shower and prepare for my period (as they are normally horrendous) it never came. Still nothing today. Could I be pregnant this fast after stopping the pill? I was on Cerelle. I took a test on 20th and the 27th (as I was meant to be drinking alcohol those nights and didn't want to if pregnant), both negative but was that too early to tell. It is impossible to work out dates due to no last period. Any advise welcome!

DeadDoorpost Mon 30-Oct-17 15:43:09

No experience with the pill but it could be possible as it's also possible to get pregnant while on the pill (it's how my aunt and uncles were conceived. Nan gave up with it in the end). If you've had negatives then I'd wait another week to see if anything changes, and again after that. Periods can be really odd even without contraception. But if you do get a positive, and unsure of dates you can always talk to your Dr about having a dating scan to working out if you've not had a period by that time

Lozmatoz Mon 30-Oct-17 16:10:26

Entirely possible, you’ve been having unprotected sex. Wait a few more days and retest.

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