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Just been admitted to the hospital ... (trigger warning?)

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FGSholdthedoor Mon 30-Oct-17 12:31:48

... anyone around to keep me company?

Currently 35wks and woke up this morning to lots of blood on the sheets.
Called triage who asked me to come in.
I’m currently being kept in for 24h monitoring, I have a cannula in one hand and a burst vain and swelling in the other where the trainee nurse tried to put the cannula in originally.

Worried but also a bit bored, I’ve got the room to myself and no ones around.

Today was supposed to be my last day at work....

MyOtherProfile Mon 30-Oct-17 12:33:03

Oh dear hope everything is ok. Thinking of you flowers

FellOutOfBed2wice Mon 30-Oct-17 12:34:01

I had a big bleed at 35 weeks with my first. They never found out why but my daughter was fine. I had to stay in for observation for 24 hours though. Sending you flowers and positive thoughts.

KadabrasSpoon Mon 30-Oct-17 12:38:26

Do you know what caused the bleed? I had a big placenta praevia bleed at 35 weeks and delivered DS at 36 (just!)
I remember being really bored of bed rest but also wanting to get to due date. Really weird feeling bored and scared at once. Hope you're doing ok OP. Have you been given steroid injections?

FGSholdthedoor Mon 30-Oct-17 12:40:49

Thank you, I’m feeling ok myself, no pain apart from the standard aches at this stage of pregnancy.

Baby has also been active and heartbeat all ok.

The dr said she can still see blood, my cervix is closed and they don’t know where its coming from.
They don’t seem particularly worried especially as baby’s kicking and moving she said if the bleeding stops within 24hrs we will most likely never find out what it was.

The cannula is a massive PITA though. The first attempt on the other hand by the trainee was even worse.

Deploycharitygoats Mon 30-Oct-17 12:49:46

Crossing fingers that everything is alright for you.

I had a burst vein from a cannula when having DS1. When Dr finally showed up, he said "oh yes, that's normal". I remember shaking my other hand at him and saying "no, this is a normal hand. THIS (shaking giant mutant thing) is anything but!"

In hindsight, he probably meant that the swelling was normal with a botched cannula blush

KadabrasSpoon Mon 30-Oct-17 12:55:03

Have they checked for vasa praevia? It's very rare but worth ruling out.

thepatchworkcat Mon 30-Oct-17 13:10:24

Hope everything is ok. Not quite the same because I was already a week over but with my first DS I started bleeding heavily at 41 weeks and ended up in hospital being monitored. Wasn’t in labour until a couple of days after but stayed in hospital anyway. Bleeding didn’t stop and they never worked out what it was, but baby was fine. I still wonder what it was 5 years on!

thepatchworkcat Mon 30-Oct-17 13:11:49

Also I was butchered on both arms because no one could get the cannula in, I was in tears, it was one of the worst bits of childbirth! So you have my sympathy. Bruised all over!

FGSholdthedoor Mon 30-Oct-17 14:48:45

@KadabrasSpoon no they haven’t checked for that. I don’t know if they’ve checked for much.
They’ve taken a swab, a wee sample, monitored babies heart rate for a while and checked if my cervix is open.

Just had my blood pressure done and my “failed cannula hand” is hurting like mad.

SomehowSomewhere1 Mon 30-Oct-17 15:14:20

Just checked in to see how you are doing, thinking of you.

Mrstobe90 Mon 30-Oct-17 15:16:25

I’m sorry you’re going through this! I hope everything is ok (and I hope your hand feels better) xxx

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 15:23:29

They should be doing a scan.

LuchiMangsho Mon 30-Oct-17 15:27:10

I am a veteran of placenta previa, bleeding in pregnancy and premature birth, all with a good ending. And the wife of a medic. The key thing is this. Ask the doctor on the ward round what their management plan is.
Have they identified a source of the bleeding? Is it the placenta?
Are they going to do a scan to check the source of the bleeding?
Does this impact how you deliver?
If the baby might come early will they give you steroids?
Are you going to be kept in till you deliver? If the bleeding subsides, and you are sent home, what precautions do you need to take?

LuchiMangsho Mon 30-Oct-17 15:29:48

The one reassuring thing I can say is that what we pregnant mums think is a 'big bleed' is not what doctors call a big bleed. (Not saying that you didn't have a big bleed- just that their level of when to be alarmed is a little different).

Floralnomad Mon 30-Oct-17 15:33:39

Good luck OP , sounds like you are in the best place . I’ve had several IVs , blood tests and drips recently and both of my arms are covered in bruises from the elbows down to and including the hands .

FGSholdthedoor Mon 30-Oct-17 16:45:53

Thank you everyone flowers

Sorry to hear that @Floralnomad
I’ve just gotten a little weepy, DH just came to see me with toddler DS, we’ve had cuddles, they’ve brought me cake and snacks and I’ve sang some nursery rhymes to DS as per his request.
They’ve just gone home to have dinner and do bedtime and I got really sad and had a tiny cry after they left .

Thank you for the reassurance @LuchiMangsho , I supposed you’re right, I just thought it was quite big since she asked me to specify if it was like a teaspoon or tablespoon and it was more like a small glass blush

LuchiMangsho Mon 30-Oct-17 16:51:39

250 mls is when they first raise an eyebrow. At 500 mls you'd be in labour ward. So even a small glass or a few tablespoons wouldn't worry them. You will be grand.

notWORKzilla Mon 30-Oct-17 17:03:31

Oh you poor thing. How frustrating and annoying for you.
Luchi questions are a very good idea, even if they already know the answers, they should be keeping you in the loop.

My DS was born by EMCS at 35 +3 after a spontaneous early labour (so no steroids) that ran into difficulties. He is 100% fine, so fingers crossed all will be well with you

FGSholdthedoor Mon 30-Oct-17 18:31:58

Thank you again x

I think they’re just taking precaution tbh.
I’ve spoken to my midwife?/nurse who just said to keep them informed if I have any fresh red bleeding.
From what I’ve been told if everything’s well I’ll be getting discharged tomorrow.

I think I’m just a bit fed up, just missing my boys and bedtime cuddles. DH has been making lots of effort to be around more at DSs bedtime and we usually sing nursery rhymes and read him books together. Now I’m having to satisfy myself with looking at pics of DS routine DH keeps sending me in WhatsApp sad

LuchiMangsho Tue 31-Oct-17 08:22:47

How are things today?

FGSholdthedoor Tue 31-Oct-17 09:28:16

Slept terribly as expected I suppose and had my pressure taken a few times through the night.
I’ve not had anymore bleeding apart from dark spotting, dr saw me today and is happy for me to go home this evening as long as there’s no more red blood.

My room was empty yesterday now all the beds are taken up and someone is watching a sweary film at full volume.

My cannula is itchy and still hurts, you can see how far the tube goes in as my vain has gone red.

But baby is active and that’s the main thing, the nurse said she will bring the equipment and monitor the heartbeat for a bit soon.
DH and DS due to visit at 12.30ish, DH has told me to provide a list of any bits I need, I’m tempted to ask for more cake grincake

Floralnomad Tue 31-Oct-17 09:42:01

Hope you get home ok , it’s horrible sharing with inconsiderate people .

FGSholdthedoor Tue 31-Oct-17 11:27:43

Well I’m once again the only person left in my room on the ward.

Pulled half the curtain across to get a bit of privacy (and not feel so bad as I’m just mooching about on my ipad) but one of the nurses came and opened it up again confused

I’ve had the cannula out now, really glad as it was becoming red and itchy.

LuchiMangsho Tue 31-Oct-17 11:58:21

Listen DH is a medic and has always maintained that a cannula that hurts is a cannula that has not been placed correctly.
If you are kept in and you are stable, you can request that the night obs be skipped. I had an on and off stay for 7 weeks and would ask that I not be monitored at night for my sanity.

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