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I had physio and now I can feel my baby

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Rhynswynd Mon 30-Oct-17 02:04:40

I have been suffering with spd (or similar) and went to see a physio last week. All my muscles in my area were worked on and I felt amazing as I was able to walk rather than shuffle out of my appointment. I was also guven a support belt to use.
The odd thing is....before the appt I could hardly feel my baby move with just the odd low down movement and very internal movements. Now though my baby has hardly stopped moving and is more in line with my previous pregnancies and I am so happy and a lot less worried as kicks are a lot easier to count.
I am 32 weeks now and feel like I can start to relax a bit. Plus the pain I was in has drastically reduced and I am looking forward to my next appointment.
I just wanted to share. smile

Cavender Mon 30-Oct-17 02:08:41

flowers That’s wonderful! Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy.

foodiemama26 Mon 30-Oct-17 07:54:29

Great news! Congratulations on getting some pain relief and feeling more relaxed!

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