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Emotional and feeling sick

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Wkc80 Sun 29-Oct-17 19:51:32

I have read loads of messages on here regarding feeling sick after eating and being emotional etc... Seriously this weekend must be my worst.

I'm 6 weeks, don't feel hungry but I know I should eat. When I do I feel sick and shaky.
I moan and cry all the time and I'm really trying to be happy. I'm in the middle of moving houses and have two kids already.

What can I do to sort myself out and stop moaning as it's causing trouble with my partner😔

DeadDoorpost Mon 30-Oct-17 00:04:26

Personally I'd just continue because for me I'd get worse and worse otherwise but I can understand if it's causing problems that you'd want to stop it as much as possible.
Have you thought about writing it all down, or finding a way to get it off your chest in another way, like colouring or baking etc? If you're moving house the stress of that as well isn't likely to be helping so once that's settled down it could help with your moods. Only other suggestions I can think of is crying in the shower, screaming I to a pillow or going for long walks away from other people but that's usually a last resort for me.

As for food, I had Hyperemesis and so for about 10 weeks I could barely het anything down, and my appetite was and has been gone for the majority. It's only really the 3rd trimester that I've had an appetite and baby is absolutely fine growth wise. If you're seriously feeing sick, speak to your Dr and see if (s)he'll prescribe antiemetics to help fight the nausea. From personal experience the nausea is sometimes 1000x worse than actually being sick.

DeadDoorpost Mon 30-Oct-17 00:05:51

Actually, something else that helped my sister was she wrote 5 bad things she hated about the day and then found 10 good things to counter them. You don't have to do that many but outweighing the bad things can help to see a perspective.

Wkc80 Mon 30-Oct-17 12:55:36

Hi, Thank you for replying.
I think writing things down is a good idea. I might start doing that.
I've also told the kids that we will bake a cake on Friday after school so that a good idea too.

A week or so and we should be settled in the new house. I'm normally really independent and now I cant lift or carry any of the heavy stuff its so annoying. He says I can just ask for help but it takes whoever I ask days to actually help!!

Last night I was shaky and sick 10 minutes after eating something and I ate again today around 1045 and I feel the same way now. Sitting at work trying to at normal as they don't know yet.

Thanks for your advice. I will try them today. smile

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