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dlydia Sun 29-Oct-17 10:37:14

hi I am really new to this as I only found out yesturday, and am slightly worried.
here a little back story to help you understand my concerns.
me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for that last 13 years with no joy, we recently started the ball rolling with the doctors(aug),I had blood test and ultra sound scan to ensure every time was ok. one blood test was to see if I was ovulating which turned out I hadn't for that month.
I then realised this week that my period was around 10 days late so took a pregnancy test (or 5) all these tests have came back pregnant. don't get me wrong I am over the moon, but I also don't want to get to excited until I have had it confirmed, everything I go the loo and keep expecting to see my period. am worried as it has took us so long to conceive and then all of a sudden it's happened very unexpectedly, that there's isn't actually a baby and it's something else that's causing the tests to come back positive. have I got anything to be worried about? has anyone else had these concerns? I suppose I just need some sort of reassurance as we haven't told anyone due to my reservations. tia

MsP0b Sun 29-Oct-17 10:50:13

Congratulations! You are pregnant!

It is quite common for conception to happen naturally when couples are just starting to take the medical intervention route. I think it’s to do with you subconsciously relaxing because it’s being put into someone else’s hands, or something.

Big congrats. Try to just be happy!

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