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Aaagghh is baby coming today?

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Chicci1 Sun 29-Oct-17 08:20:35

Have had mild contractions on and off for ten days now! Am 38 weeks. It all ramped up yesterday and overnight. I had contractions every six minutes on the button lasting 45 seconds and had a show. Cue excitement! It has all stopped completely in the last three hours - not a single contraction. This is my second pregnancy and my last labour was four hours from first twinge to baby! This is torture in comparison. Also have my toddler here and while we have relatives lined up to take care of her, they can't take her for days on end so don't want to call them unnecessarily!! Any advice/thoughts welcome!!

ColinCreevy Sun 29-Oct-17 17:46:09

I could have written your post. I'm 38+5 and have been having contractions on and off, mainly at night, for over a week. It's driving me mad! It gets to the point where I'm really uncomfortable and I think it's time and then it all goes off.
This is baby 3 and the other two I had absolutely no signs at all just contractions hit me like a train and didn't stop. This is completely draining!
Sorry no tips but just some solidarity flowers

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