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Baby baths

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Mumbofeet Sat 28-Oct-17 13:37:36

I've been looking at the Angelcare things for the bath? Are they worth getting and does it make bathing a newborn easier?

Floweroct2 Sat 28-Oct-17 13:39:33

Yes I would definitely recommend. So easy to use when you're bathing them on your own.

Spam88 Sat 28-Oct-17 13:39:46

This probably isn’t a helpful post because I’ve never used one, but I decided against one because it seemed like it would be more difficult having to lean over the side of the bath or crouch in the bath to wash them. So we just use a baby bath, but I do find it really helpful having one of those big sponges in the bottom to stop her sliding around (especially once she started getting more wriggly!).

MoodyOne Sat 28-Oct-17 13:43:17

We had one and it was good when we went on holiday as the room only had a shower but leaning over it just hurt my back so he comes in the bath with me each night x

ZippyCameBack Sat 28-Oct-17 13:47:09

I tried all sorts of widgets and gadgets with my first couple of babies, but eventually settled on a washing up bowl as the easiest way. It's easy to fill and empty, portable, can be easily placed on a table or worktop or in a sink(so less strain on my back), and is nice and short so there is far less skidding/slipping potential.
I wish I'd worked it out before I spent a massive amount of cash on a baby bath/changing unit thingy which turned out to be more trouble than help!

LillyBugg Sat 28-Oct-17 14:04:07

I used a lay on sponge for my first which was super easy and also cozy for him to lay on. I now have the angelcare seat for my second as it sits more upright meaning I can bath both kids at the same time. I really like it but it's quite big so if you don't have much space I wouldn't bother with it. We hang ours on a hook on the wall which helps.

pulpi Sat 28-Oct-17 14:04:22

Never bought a baby bath. We used a bath insert thing from Mothercare as it took up a lot less space. For me, a baby bath is a waste of money, but other moms I know did use and like the Angelcare one you’ve mentioned.

EvilCleverDog Sat 28-Oct-17 14:08:34

Big spongey thing (they must have a proper name) in the big bath. Never used the baby bath (it’s a spare clean washing basket nowblush)

Moanyoldcow Sat 28-Oct-17 14:18:44

I have one like that - it was invaluable. We put it on the kitchen table and bathed him there. Not having to bend or deal with an unfettered baby was perfect as I recovered from CS,

NerrSnerr Sat 28-Oct-17 14:27:02

I had one of those plastic wedge things for my first, my second just gets dunked in the bath when his sister is in.

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