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Best thing for painful / sore nips. :/

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CinnamonAndSpice Fri 27-Oct-17 23:15:10

So had bra fitting and the best for my shape wernt seam free.. All the ones that did cut into my skin and had to be returned.. Various shops measured, all same size so it's just my body.. Had the same with my elder dc.

So now just one side the ole nip is sore. One min feels burning, Next more to touch feels like it's being scratched. But also a stabbing type sensations. Only occasionally painful.

Can I just buy something or best to get Checked out.. Before I was pregnant I used to get leaks that side only a droplet which was checked as just told oneg of them things.. But wasn't sure if should get checked again or just get something from chemist.
And also any thin breast pads as that's the only way I can stop seams running as apart from the seams the bras are so comfortable x

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