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Group B strep (Chelsea and Westminster)

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Muse84 Thu 26-Oct-17 18:15:31

So I just had a positive result. 39 weeks pregnant. Had mixed feelings about self testing but felt that once if had the thought, I couldn't not- id have never forgiven myself if something happened.

I have a few questions- namely can I use midwife led unit/pool and will they keep us in for longer post birth? Info on anyone's experience would be much appreciated, and as protocols seem to vary from hospital to hospital, advice fromanyone who went to c&w would be invaluable.

Ps I have 40wk mw appt on Monday but really want to know before if possible. Don't really want to phone them (unless I'm in labour!!)


Mummyme87 Thu 26-Oct-17 18:24:41

GBS organisation suggest there are no contraindications to waterbirths and therefore no reason why you can’t use your MLU. It’s IV antibiotics 4hrly in active labour until you give birth. Does not require anything else. You will be recommended to stay in for observations for baby anywhere between 12-24hrs.

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