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Hot bump and feeling funny

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Jessiecat27 Thu 26-Oct-17 12:29:14

36+6 and my bump feels really warm, just had a bit of a 'funny turn' felt sick, really hot and faint. Anyone else? My last day in work tomorrow before maternity leave so I'm hoping he's not trying to make an appearance early!

endofthelinefinally Thu 26-Oct-17 12:30:37

Have you checked your temperature?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Thu 26-Oct-17 12:31:45

Have you taken your temperature? I would phone midwife and see what she says- I think a raised temp should probably be checked out.

manchesteruntied Thu 26-Oct-17 12:38:18

give your m/w a call xx

Jessiecat27 Thu 26-Oct-17 12:53:01

I'll ring her now, I'm at work so I've got no way of taking my temperature but I'll update on here once I've spoken to her, thanks ladies!

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